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a drill bit that has hardened rotating rollers


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3###3###2###Steel Tooth Standard Open Air Cooled Bearing Roller Bit
Parameter Range Bit size, in 6.0-36.0 Total nozzle area of the bit, [in.sup.2] 0.331-3.142 Depth the bit was pulled, ft 61-15,235 Drilled interval length, ft 4.0-3379.9 Rate of penetration, ft/hr 1.1-286.1 Minimum WOB, 1000 lbs 1-55,000 Maximum WOB, 1000 lbs 1-85,000 Minimum RPM, rev/min 10-286 Maximum RPM, rev/min 23-343 Mud circulation rate, gal/min 102-3300 The roller bit type (IADC code) 111-647 Table 2: Parameter range for ROP data set.
Utilizing a patented tri-cone roller bit and specialized drill head housing, the RS8 unit allows simple setup, low fluid usage, use of standard locator transmitters and excellent steering efficiency.
The rig was equipped with a low-flow Black Max mud motor and 4 3/4-inch TCI sealed-beating roller bit, both provided by Sharewell Inc.
The chain-driven Versa-Mole's versatility is impressive as it is capable of directional drilling up to 8 1/2-inch pipe; auger boring to 10-inches in diameter; hard rock drilling using a water assisted tri-cone roller bit; and mixed face drilling using a rotary percussion downhole hammer.