roll-on roll-off

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a method of transport (as a ferry or train or plane) that vehicles roll onto at the beginning and roll off of at the destination

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"This is a super tribute to out working relationship with American Roll-on Roll-off Carrier over the years," said Shilby, who has briefed the ships' missions on countless occasions in operations meetings.
The National Defense Transportation Association has presented its National Transportation Award for 2001 to Ray Ebeling, Chairman and President, American Roll-on Roll-Off Carriers, of Montclair, N.J.
These roll-on roll-off vessels are the most militarily useful vessels committed to the Voluntary Intermodal Sealift Agreement program," said the citation.
* The ocean carrier, American Roll-On Roll-Off Carriers, Inc., along with American Auto Logistics, will provide free transportation of a second vehicle, replacing the vehicle that was destroyed or determined to be a constructive total loss, from the point of origin to the destination vehicle processing center.
In November, American Roll-on Roll-off Carriers' vessel Faust was hit by a massive English Channel storm.