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He felt the need to go down, roll around on the floor for about five times holding his face.
But I was able to play, run and roll around with my brother without getting them dirty.
So, you wait for the demo to roll around to strut your mediocre stuff.
But by the time these songs roll around, over half an hour's worth of music has already come and gone.
These plants are sculpted by nature--uprooted, they roll and roll around the landscape, simultaneously dead and mobile, wind and rock abrading them into rough, round shapes.
We're good friends, but she got really mad at me for writing the scene in which Daphne has to fall into the giant ball and roll around.
I was like a human fireball but I managed to run to a bank and roll around until the fire was all out.
When the males chase one another and roll around, "it can be dangerous," Moore observes.
When future Februarys roll around, Colin Powell's name will surely be discussed in classrooms observing Black History Month.
Breakfast in Mexico will be big and hardy, so lunchtime won't roll around until after 2 p.
The performance will also include Of Short Waltzes, Winter and Loneliness, a funny take on personal ads in which the all-female cast speaks about relationships and heartache as they roll around on the ground wearing cocktail dresses.