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But I was able to play, run and roll around with my brother without getting them dirty.
Orders to crawl and roll around came down the line.
Keen recently took photos of a woman who had been married a year and put on her wedding dress to take it for a swim in the Taylor River near the River Queen boat, roll around in mud and take a stroll through a nearby construction site.
Pete Versus Life Channel 4, 10pm Funnier than a YouTube montage of footballers' being hit in the groin, this homegrown comedy will make you roll around your living room floor in hysterics.
Shooters and anglers roll around in their Land Rovers, wear funny clothes and load their guns or bait their barbs.
ROLL AROUND HEAVEN: AN ALL-TRUE ACCIDENTAL SPIRITUAL ADVENTURE tells of a spiritual awakening that involved author Jessica Maxwell in a journey to personal peace and discovery.
Firefighters think the fire burned through the handbrake cable, causing the blazing car to roll around 150ft down the road before smashing into a fence and small wall.
The point of going to school is to learn, not to run around your math class, listen to your iPod, roll around on exercise balls and IM during class.
I am sure they would have got a far better percentage rate if the men who did the collecting picked up all the plastic bottles and tins that either are blown out, dropped, or fall out of the recycling boxes and roll around the estate where I live.
So, you wait for the demo to roll around to strut your mediocre stuff.
The Span Lab Cal Cart integrates the elements of a gas standards generating system for creating complex, trace concentration mixtures into a convenient, roll around unit that can be easily moved between various analyzer stations.
But by the time these songs roll around, over half an hour's worth of music has already come and gone.
These plants are sculpted by nature--uprooted, they roll and roll around the landscape, simultaneously dead and mobile, wind and rock abrading them into rough, round shapes.