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America's Best and Rickey Smiley partnered to create the America's Smiliest Role Model Contest to recognize role models around the nation who are making a difference in their communities and inspire more people to step up and do the same.
Kim Kardashian is an "appalling" role model to young girls and women because her body is "not normal," a (http://www.
Twerks for me: Miley doesn't want to be a role model
Stuart Maitland, who has created the mHealthful medical app, has been shortlisted by global direct selling company Amway UK in their search to find Britain's Top Real Role Model.
Generally, the term role model means someone who provides an example, but it can be different things to different people.
As an entrepreneur, Richard Branson is one of my role models.
I believe a lot of the problems with women's role and treatment in the church and family stem from having Mary, the perpetual virgin, as a role model.
Rather than looking up to any one role model, inspirations from multiple sources and individuals is what is predominantly seen among people of my age.
Footballers were not well regarded, either, except for David Beckham, who was chosen by 32 per cent as the role model for the 2000s.
Being a Dynamo role model and attending events such as Big Ideas Wales allows people like me to show how being your own boss can be an option and an alternative to the conventional route into employment.
Pushing the idea of following a role model, in my mind, is flawed.
Summary: An education expert has found children aged eight or below are unable to grasp the concept of what a role model is until they are older.
Dr Simon Brownhill, education expert at the University of Derby, said children aged eight or below were unable to grasp the concept of what a role model is until they are older.
If I hear another person say role model around me this week, I may have to prove what an appalling role model I am by murdering a fellow human being.
He said that the true role model is confident, not afraid to face new situations.