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Synonyms for role

Synonyms for role

the proper activity of a person or thing

one's proper or expected function in a common effort

Synonyms for role

the actions and activities assigned to or required or expected of a person or group

what something is used for

normal or customary activity of a person in a particular social setting

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role performance or how these roles were valued, but showed that a larger set of MOHO-related variables successfully discriminated between students with high and low subjective well-being, respectively (Yazdani, Jibril, & Kielhofner, 2008).
The star has already played the role of a knight and a Samurai, the role of a king would be just a step up.
RBAC model implemented the logical separation between users and permissions by introducing the intermediary of role and simplified the authorization management in a variety of environments.
The second part describes the evolution of role stress framework.
Based on the fact that stressors vary from one job category to another depending on the personality characteristics of focal person, a study was conducted by Pestonjee, (1987) exploring role stresses on three categories of management personnel, namely top management, middle management
Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role: Javier Bardem, for his role as Anton Chigurhin in No Country For Old Men.
Last spring, Stafford danced a key role with Jenifer Ringer in Alexei Ratmansky's new Russian Seasons, in which his emotional and physical connectedness resonated with his partners and the audiences.
Then, too, he smartly divides the book into seven critical roles that the CFO must play.
That may sound naive, but I think it is because Roger clearly defined what the role was and what it wasn't.
The Education Trust also has contributed to the clarification and advancement of the role of the professional school counselor by working collaboratively with counselor education programs and providing training to practicing school counselors.
The plan of the book is to begin at the top by examining the role of presidential advisors as they facilitate the pro-Israel lobby's access to the presidential office.
The latest evidence of this trend is the creation and expansion of the role of chief accounting officer (CAO) in many public companies.
The constructivist approach reaches beyond the client's worker role and occupational decision making.
Role play, or simulation, is an established teaching methodology that has been used in education for many years (Bernstein, Scheerhorn, & Ritter, 2002; Taylor & Walford, 1978; Van Ments, 1983).
When considering incarcerated fathers, paternal role assumption is a particularly critical point since it has been linked to lower rates of recidivism (Hairston, 1991).