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Synonyms for roister

to behave riotously

Synonyms for roister

engage in boisterous, drunken merrymaking

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He makes something vividly moving out of the play-acting of this royal boy-man, whose roisterous antics never hide the fact that Hal walks an emotional precipice with the same difficulty with which he navigates the borders of Thompson's planked set.
Add an eye patch to his stocky build and roisterous beard and Tridish could pretty much personify "pirate" radio.
It was home to the next Sir William, who put on roisterous parties.
This roisterous and bombastic interlude, with its jocular and drunken representation of Heracles's legendary exploits, allows Hughes to provide a vivid contrast to the hero's subsequent abject horror and remorse at his own insensitive behaviour when he finally learns of Alcestis's death, a tragedy he himself reverses by a further heroic labour, a winning struggle with the king of the underworld himself, his prize being Alcestis and her return to life.
No single piece of evidence revealed more than a fraction of the whole story, but first-, second-, and even third-hand memories, most recorded twenty to forty years or more after the events they describe, combined with a spoofing letter and an enigmatic book by a roisterous fraternity, built a body of interlinking evidence that led to this reconstruction of the plate's story.
This is a large table that's seen many a roisterous evening.
Before I could learn how to grind milled rice to paste for unwrinkling the wickedest face, to plump palm-leaf cups with yeasty rice and sugar for fermenting cakes that ladies eat, drunk, roisterous through afternoons, before I could learn why she cried after the sixth babe was born, why she lost her gold bangles, and why I was a daughter not a son, she left.
A MAGAZINE, A MOVEMENT The cavernous Sevent Regiment Armory was crowded, the music was roisterous, the speeches were stirring and for the first time in the history of New York parties there were more jumbo shrimp than guests.
After all, rare is the British child who isn't introduced to the theater via the knockabout knees-up that is the seasonal panto: a roisterous amalgam of audience participation, off-color innuendo ("Your front porch could do with a good lick") and good-natured transvestitism that, presumably, requires more discipline than one might think to deliver the goods.
This demon sang and acted with compelling verve, making Gounod's villain every bit as roisterous as Boito's later rendering of the great tempter.
HENRY V: (or Prince Henry as he was known in those days) drank with the equally roisterous Falstaff.
'Don Domino', the roisterous Ivan Ardabiev, lives in an NKVD-run railway settlement known only as 'No.
The atmosphere is laid-back, but don't let that fool you; the furious pace and instrumental virtuosity demanded of participants in roisterous, solo-trading bluegrass "breakdowns' is sure to get your adrenaline pumping.
Director Phyllida Lloyd's distaff "Taming of the Shrew" opened first at Shakespeare's Globe, offering virtually nothing by way of set (as is the Globe norm); instead, it focused attention on the predictably roisterous if unexpectedly ravishing Petruchio of the contempo theater's great Nora, Janet McTeer.
A substantial sea change takes place between the two settings of "The Winter's Tale" -- the fraught court of Sicilia and the roisterous sheap-shearing of Bohemia.