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an especially noisy and unrestrained merrymaker

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The syphilitic roisterer Gauguin places himself in Gethsemane, with his betrayers advancing through a tropical undergrowth.
12.40 - 1, HEAVEN FORBID (J Quinn) 10-1; 2, Waterford Spirit 6-1; 3, Roisterer 25-1.
He creates for himself the role of princely roisterer as a means of dramatizing to good advantage his conversion to the regal role of Henry the Fifth" (Metadrama in Shakespeare's Henriad, 78).
Virgil Thomson, with whom she had what Blondel calls "an intense relationship," said of her, "Mary was an Englishwoman of gentle birth, a roisterer, and a writer of intensely personal fiction....
Raymond Leitch, perhaps Nortje's closest friend, describes him as "a companionable roisterer" (LAL, 7).
Later, when keelboats became the chief vessels of commerce on the Ohio and Mississippi rivers, he became "the king of the keelboatmen," renowned as a marksman, roisterer, and champion rough-and-tumble fighter.
However that may be, My Life as Author and Editor is a memorable portrait of a time, several places, and many people--most particularly the brilliant writer, backyard bricklayer, consoling friend, ardent defender, lusty battler, frequent roisterer, perceptive editor, shrewd observer, and cranky soul that was H.L.
" He proves to be " a quarrelsome fellow, a sharper, a toper, a roisterer, and a profligate, if there ever was one in the city of Paris.
tavern roisterer, through the variety of beards he adopts for the
A repentant womanizer and unrepentant communist, a poet, anecdotalist and roisterer, Rabal turned in his last major perf as Spanish painter Goya in Carlos Saura's 1999 "Goya in Bordeaux."
Franny Norton was one of many to pay his respects to Harris and, fresh from landing the Northumberland Plate on Archduke Ferdinand on Saturday, booted home his 35th winner of the season when Miss Flirtatious powered home clear of Roisterer in the second division of the sprint handicap.
In Part 1, he is presented as a roisterer who nonetheless defends his father in battle; in Part 2, after the death of the king, Hal assumes the throne and, abandoning his rowdy ways and companions, assumes the dignity of the monarchy.