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Synonyms for roister

to behave riotously

Synonyms for roister

engage in boisterous, drunken merrymaking

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This scene of manual labor by boys playing women must have looked as charming to spectators as it does to Ralph Roister Doister, who watches it.
One of the texts that Wilson quotes at length is a soliloquy by Madge Mumblecrust from Nicholas Udall's Ralph Roister Doister, who becomes the starting point for Mazzio's second chapter, "From Fault to Figure: The Case of Madge Mumblecrust in Ralph Roister Doister." Madge--as a woman, old nurse, and country rustic--is a triple outsider to humanist learning and eloquence.
The WDC did not include men onstage until it produced what would be its last production, Udall's Ralph Roister Doister, when director Roy Mitchell cast two men from Hart House's new resident company, the all-male Players Club ('Ralph Roister Doister...
To give only one of several examples: in the book's longest quotation from Ralph Roister Doister, the character Dobinet delivers an elaborate account of his earlier musical performances, first describing what he has done ("up to our lute at midnight") and then verbally rendering the musical sound itself ("anon to our gitterne, thrompledumthrumpledum thrum, / Thrumpledum, thrumpledum, thrumpledum, thrupledum thrum") (87).
Scheurweghs, Nicholas Udall's Roister Doister (Louvain, Belgium: Librairie Universitaire, 1939), xi-l; Marie Axton, "Nicholas Udall," in Dictionary of Literary Biography: Elizabethan Dramatists, ed.
Having established the stakes, Mazzio capitalizes brilliantly in chapter 2 with a reading of Nicholas Udall's well-known but little-discussed Ralph Roister Doister.
She makes a comparison with Ralph Roister Doister and Cymbeline, which formulate epistemological anxieties 'in terms of women's unobservable sexual fidelity' (p.
She follows her discussion of the Howard attainder, for example, with a look at female characters in Nicholas Udall's Ralph Roister Doister (ca.
The departed was spoken of as a friend and colleague, whether Carl Ally, the "hard-hitting, high-flying advertising man who helped show Madison Avenue the error of its genteel ways," or author and "inveterate punster" Willard Espy, who "had such a winsome way with words, such an elegant ear for rhyme and such a sure sense of the absurd that he once began a poem with the words, 'I do not roister with an oyster.'"
In addition to the five named individuals, Andrewes alludes to a sixth, a person he refers to as 'Roister', who 'swore by God, .
Tepid comments on such works as Medwall's Fulgens and Lucrece and Nature, Udall's Roister Doister, Gager's Susanna, Gorboduc, and Gammer Gurton's Needle often came close to sounding donnishly patronizing.
Ralph Roister Doister Earliest known English comedy, a play in five acts written by Udall, Nicholas, produced about 1553 and published in approximately 1566.
Udall, Ralph roister doister, first real English comedy
But I am assured by someone who knows keas intimately that they never roister on the coast, as I suspected.
John Lyly and Nicholas Udall (1504 - 56) are considered the first English comic dramatists, and English comic drama can be said to begin with Udall's Ralph Roister Doister.