rogue's gallery

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Synonyms for rogue's gallery

a coterie of undesirable people

a collection of pictures of criminals

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Muscat: A rogue's gallery of counterfeit goods is helping consumers spot the difference between real and phony goods on sale in the Sultanate.
A VAST AMBITION: Johnny Depp proposed Rogue's Gallery on the sets of one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies
We all know the names of the companies charged with doing this; they are a rogue's gallery of American businesses, and some of their leaders are finding themselves with lots of time in prison to rethink their actions.
PETER MULLAN Rogue's Gallery (1990) Star of My Name is Joe moved into directing with Orphans and recent hit The Magdalene Sisters.
Hunnam struggles to inject life into Dickens's words but Bell is incredibly moving while the experienced Plummer, and Broadbent are wonderful in the rogue's gallery.
While Congress remains indifferent to the idea, a rogue's gallery of retired colonels and politicians has answered Moskos' call; and as the push for a draft gathers steam, we see looming administrative head-aches.
The challenge of Art Fraud Detective is to discover the crimes committed by a rogue's gallery of 16 forgers.
A rogue's gallery of 2,000 suspected shoplifters in Birmingham has been collected in a pilot scheme to create a national computerised database of store thieves.
Dorothy Day, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Thomas Merton, Thomas Jefferson, Albert Schweitzer: a rogue's gallery of egocentric charlatans.
Indeed, the House hierarchy is still composed of a rogue's gallery of antigay scolds:
But what makes the film particularly interesting is that Martin Scorsese--the classic director of male-centered, tough-guy films in which women play the usual brutalized roles--sees fit this time to include a woman in his rogue's gallery of lost souls.
This rogue's gallery of unlikely role models from Jesus' parables (and there are many more) are evidence of a good and even somewhat mischievous sense of humor, not the teaching of a pious fraud.
The leading characters in her romances form a rogue's gallery of male superheroes and supervillains whose prowess and virility contrast with the languishing, highly emotional female characters with whom they correspond.
CRIMINALS who plagued the streets of Newcastle in Victorian times are part of a rogue's gallery.
Written in an informal style and occasionally crude tone, this "encyclopedia" offers a rogue's gallery of famous US killings, killers, and other scoundrels.