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But he's the best one for the job in hand while the likes of Garry Kenneth and Christophe Berra are still recovering from the trauma of that Scandinavian rogering at the Rasunda Stadium.
I also hope the committee allows one final event next year: a cross-code, free-for-all race between the terriers, the Shetland ponies, the 1904 horse-drawn fire engine and our commentator, Richard Hoiles, over three furlongs down Tattenham Hill, with biting, rogering and squashing actively encouraged.
Filthiest book I ever read: all about rogering girls under hedges' (II, 112).
After rogering the earnest request from the flight lead, the LSO scanned the skies aft of the ship and did, in fact, spot two aircraft, but the formation he saw was actually the flight lead followed by Dash-4 on TACAN final, not Dash-3.
On a country holiday, Tom prefers her son Roger (Tom Sturridge) to rogering her.
NO ROGERING HERE Hodge Hill, like Ward End, probably derived its name originally from a prominent local family.
Both Wu (1992) and Nahl & Tenopir (1996) observed a high percentage of reassurance questions (called "echoic" by Wu and "rogering" by Nahl & Tenopir)--questions that needed no answer (for example, "are you sure?"), but are basically part of the affective side of human interaction.
Having finished with Vikings, I'm currently jolly rogering across the seas with porny pirate tale Black Sails.
Now that we know that while his loyal wife was at home minding the constituency, he would have a Miss Terry Brunette round for tea, crumpet and an oak table end rogering, well, we must all re-calibrate, as he would put it, our estimation of this parliamentary top-pocket Titan.