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The pseudonym implies that these same persons were about to be turned upon and aggressively "rogered" (to borrow some British slang with which Ransom, a Rhodes scholar, would undoubtedly have been familiar) (Ransom 1923, "Foreword").
Palindrome guaranteed to raise eye-brows: Lad, I've rogered ere Gore Vidal
The list of rip-offs is so long and colourful that they're almost laughable - if we weren't the ones being rogered.
As staged by Martin Duncan (one of the trio making up the new Chichester artistic directorate, alongside Pimlott and Ruth Mackenzie), Gilbert & Sullivan's "The Gondoliers" survived a strenuous first act to come frothily into its own in the second, abetted by some new lyrics courtesy Alistair Beaton--to wit, "I owe my position/to someone I rogered at Eton." Its Italian setting notwithstanding, the show--like Chichester's charming environs--could not have been more English.
The thought of one's sweetheart being lustily rogered by William Wordsworth cannot be pleasant, yet somehow Coleridge fought it down.
Working as a live-in maid in a posh Toronto home, she is rogered by the husband, Brian (John Gilbert), who also cruises young men, and she is evidently longed for by Brian's wife.
1 fuel selector lever to cross feed." As I placed my hand on the No.1 fuel selector, the HAC and the aircrewman "rogered" concurrence.
The LSO rogered the ball and called for "little power and attitude." The Hawkeye drifted a little left in the middle and the LSO called "right for line-up." The pilot answered all calls correctly and crossed the ramp in good position; however, the plane was in a slight left-to-right drift.
"Oh no, my team are getting rogered by our local rivals - quick, the remote, the remote!
When I asked a mate why pirates are called pirates he answered helpfully "because they arrrrrrrgh," and that's the same noise Hammers fans have been making all season while watching their team jolly rogered on a regular basis.
If you've been rogered by the textile industry and you're now looking for a job, there's two good reasons why you might want to try and get one with Belfast City Council.
Apart from the obvious fact that he has been rogered in public by more than a few speedy wingers, Ricksen has set a new agenda for surveillance of on-field football incidents.
I rogered the call, and he brought down the canopy.