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a unit of radiation exposure


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German physicist who discovered x-rays and developed roentgenography (1845-1923)

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Dana takes a heart X-ray and the roentgen photography shows the entire 25th Class of Military Academy, in her heart.
They were heroic pioneers who made possible the successful and safe use of roentgen and radium rays in medicine.
It would be called an x-ray and radiograph instead of Roentgen ray and photograph.
David Roentgen, (the son of Abraham Roentgen, who founded the company in Germany in the mid-18th century,) was an enterprising salesman, who knew all about these things, and was a man who set his sights on Europe''s wealthiest collectors generally drawn from the aristocracy.
One might argue that neither Roentgen nor Copernicus needed any further press, and Darmstadt, too, has made its mark in history.
The defunct Roentgen Satellite, or ROSAT, is due to re-enter the atmosphere at some point between October 21 and 24.
Besides, the arsenal of diagnostic measures included roentgen contrasting retrograde iliocavography (RICG) and angiopulmonography (APG).
Roentgen discovered X-rays by accident while experimenting with vacuum tubes and they quickly became one of doctors' most valuable tools.
Leading article: InPractice; Quarterly Publication of the American Roentgen Ray Society.
On November 8, 1895 Professor Wilhem Roentgen discovered X-rays when only the bones of his hand showed through when he put it over a photographic plate.
Analysis of implantation-induced nail deformation and roentgen morphometric studies as the principle for an aiming device for distal interlocking nailing without roentgen image intensification [German].
Each year in November, the month when Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen discovered the x-ray, R.
Highlight of the week was a field trip to the Roentgen Museum to learn about Conrad Roentgen and his discovery of the X-ray.
Physics Professor Wilhelm Roentgen (RENT-gen) is studying rays from an early vacuum tube.
Starting with the discoveries of X rays by Wilhelm Roentgen and of radium by Marie Curie, this book traces the path that led to the detonation of an atomic bomb over Hiroshima, on August 6, 1945.