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Synonyms for rodomontade

characterized by or given to boasting

to talk with excessive pride

Synonyms for rodomontade

vain and empty boasting

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Of course, the Guardian's left-wing views are not to my taste, but I prefer intellectually stimulating articles with which I disagree to populist rodomontade that makes me feel ashamed to be rightwing.
In common with so many recent freelance journalists' accounts, Parallel Lines interlards mugged-up historical nuggets with a broader disenchanted rodomontade about the horrors of travel on Britain's privatised railways.
They embody, from the Protestant viewpoint, the combination of Roman Catholicism and Spanish pride and militarism, all rodomontade and devoted to visual shows.
Malraux believes in words when he has no weapons" is poetical assertion on Todd's part, just meaningless rodomontade.
This time he likes the look of Rodomontade and rings up Peter Makin to put himself in the frame.
Morel is a born raconteur, and he likes to tell stories of contests of skill; the style includes rodomontade.
The splendid Gogolian noms parlants are not commented on, nor is Zemlianika's assertion that all his patients are 'recovering like flies', or the mysterious labardan, the fish Khlestakov eats, which then becomes the triumphant exit line of the famous rodomontade scene, Act iii, Scene 6.
In a final rodomontade of self-congratulation, she proclaims that "our thorniest issue, the problem of ownership of private property, is almost resolved.
It may be observed that while Euripides accuses Aeschylus of being "pomp-bundle-worded," which I suppose means bombastic and given to rodomontade, Aeschylus retorts on Euripides that he is a "gossip gleaner, a describer of beggars, and a rag-stitcher," from which it may be inferred that he was truer to the life of his own times than Aeschylus was.