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an exhibition of cowboy skills

an enclosure for cattle that have been rounded up

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It is absolutely essential for those involved in rodeos to have animal welfare at the forefront of their minds at all times.
They regularly have a lot of stock that competes in rodeos like the Pendleton Round-Up and St.
Indeed, "Indian and reserve rodeos did not represent a complete retreat from the contact zone.
But as a professional rodeo clown, in addition to making audiences laugh, he's responsible for keeping bull riders safe.
POPULAR since its launch back in November 2003, the Isuzu Rodeo racked up three major awards in its first year of going on sale, being acknowledged as the most up-to-date and sophisticated in its class.
The Canadian Federation of Humane Societies, for one, is urging all other rodeos in Canada to follow in Cloverdale's footsteps.
Gay rodeos are not progress for our community but instead a step back for all of humanity.
In the past, petrol prices didn't matter much when a cowboy was planning a weekend trip to a series of rodeos.
Popularity grew as regular rodeos were established throughout the West.
Decades after his parents met at a rodeo in Guthrie, Oklahoma, and had a brief fling, W.
This is by far the best account of Pete Knight that has ever been written, and ranks high with the best rodeo biographies in print today.
For the business user pick-ups have significant tax advantages and the Rodeo with its one ton-plus payload enables VAT to be reclaimed as well as a fixed pounds 500 a year benefit in kind rating.
Many of the utilities competing conducted "in-house," or local rodeos prior to the national competition and sent their top teams to the National Gas Rodeo competition.
Then he got philosophical, explaining how gay rodeos are one of the few ways for gay men in rural areas to meet other gay folks.
An electrical engineer in Orlando, Florida, McKnight has participated in competitive rodeos since age 10.