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a performer who gives exhibitions of riding and roping and bulldogging

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Another Indian cowboy (right), identified as Phil Atkins, champion rodeo rider at Fort Berthold Indian Reservation.
Rodeo Rider from The Rug Market Kids is hand-hooked and tufted of for a high-low textural effect.
Dragila, 30, is a former rodeo rider who has never modelled before, but she realises how the event is being perceived.
You've got to be brave to be a rodeo rider and severed thumbs are common after the the hopeful kids become entangled with the ropes.
She married rodeo rider Charlie Battles the same year and they divorced acrimoniously 11 years later, giving hits such as I Know How He Feels, and New Fool At An Old Game extra poignance.
It was one of many beatings; Monty Roberts never saw a penny of the money he made as a movie stuntman, horse shower and rodeo rider during his childhood and adolescence, either.
Or dreaming a rodeo rider named Antonio Vivaldi in an American body.
She falls for the chiselled Luke (played by Scott 'son of Clint' Eastwood), a butch but sensitive rodeo rider who, underlining his masculinity, actually saves an old man from a burning car on their first date.
It was only a few years previously that Stanley Kubrick made the brilliant Dr Strangelove film and Slim Pickens sat astride a nuke like a rodeo rider.
A beefed up Bradley Cooper (Silver Linings Playbook) is a drawling revelation in his portrayal of injured Texan rodeo rider turned real life sniper Chris Kyle, whose book is the source material.
Louis Sterry having his treatment and (clockwise from above left) sitting in the cockpit on his flight over, riding a horse and meeting a rodeo rider
Based on real events, McConaughey plays Ron Woodruff, a macho electrician and rodeo rider given just 30 days to live after suddenly testing HIV positive.
But the man himself remembered a movie about a rodeo rider wrongly convicted of murder called Hurricane Smith (1941).
Raleigh Wilson, a familiar figure as a Marlboro Man, rodeo rider and stuntman, founded Rollywood Studios on Easy Street nearly two years ago.
The Matt Archer-owned charge almost came to grief at the final hurdle with the pounds 50,000 Listed race safely in the bag but jockey Tony McCoy, in the manner of a rodeo rider, somehow managed to stay in the saddle.