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an exhibition of cowboy skills

an enclosure for cattle that have been rounded up

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It is absolutely essential for those involved in rodeos to have animal welfare at the forefront of their minds at all times.
Gozum laughed when he narrated how an Australian rancher, who watched last year's rodeo, reacted to the carambola.
The bullride will take place in two arenas for the third year in a row, which is rare on the rodeo circuit.
The team has announced that in addition to providing medics, it will also offer certified massage therapists and athletic trainers to bolster the services sought by rodeo organizers.
Kelm approaches western Canadian rodeo using Mary Louise Pratt's notion of a "contact zone.
Rodeo Drive was in news recently when it launched world's only collectible edition of Lord Venkateswara wrist watches for men engraved by hand in gold and studded with magnificent rubies and emeralds on a white dial carved out in enamel, with the hour-markers set with diamonds.
After attracting a bull's attention, rodeo clowns might try to escape the bull by climbing out of the arena or by taking cover behind a barrel that's in the arena.
The Case Triple Threat Rodeo Competitions also provide partnership opportunities with Habitat for Humanity affiliates.
The Rodeo employs a selectable 4x4 system that does away with the clunky lever next to the gear shifter as seen on some rivals in favour of a neat fascia-mounted switch.
Cloverdale is the first rodeo in western Canada to drastically alter its program to pacify animal rights activists, noted Canadian Professional Rodeo Association president Dale Leschiutta.
At nearly every rodeo we investigated, "cowboys" were documented violently punching, kicking, tormenting, and hitting animals with whips, rods, sticks, and spurred boots.
There's a new element to the sad country song that is a rodeo cowboy's life.
He'll be competing this weekend in the Los Angeles Gay Rodeo in Burbank.
Gonzalez es originario de Monterrey (Mexico) y su trabajo en el rancho es entrenar el "Triple 'C' Roping Club", que participara en el rodeo en las competencias de carreras entre barriles y laza de becerros.
Stratton followed the pro rodeo circuit for one year, exploring the history of chutes to its current popularity and uncovering myths and realities alike.