rocket scientist

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a clever thinker

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an engineer who builds and tests rockets

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Nor, unfortunately, do you have to be a rocket scientist to see through this happy charade.
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realise that after years of neglect the roads are in need of total resurfacing and not penny pinching attempts to delay the inevitable.
WITH regard to global warming, I am no rocket scientist, just a logical thinking 85-year-old.
Mackinlay's group cites a mother of one such boy: "I bet he'll become a rocket scientist, but I'll probably have to dress him and drive him to work.
People like astronaut John Glenn and rocket scientist Wernher Von Braun were key to program success.
Starchaser has an education outreach project where children can make their own paper rockets and put questions to a rocket scientist.
A spokeswoman for the school said: ``It is not every day that you get to meet a rocket scientist from Nasa.
One does not have to be a rocket scientist to determine which retailing segments are most vulnerable.
I'm no rocket scientist, but I do have vivid memories imbedded in my brain of standing on my front porch in North Hollywood, when I was a child, looking in awe at all of the ``pretty colors in the sky'' in 1959.
STRANGE ANGEL: The Otherworldly Life of Rocket scientist John Whiteside Parsons GEORGE PENDLE
You don't have to be a rocket scientist to have realised that Saturday was a disaster waiting to happen.
A ROCKET scientist who worked for NASA looked to the bottom of the sea to create a skincare range which has just arrived in South Wales.
The spaced-out rocket scientist added: "I'm over the moon and I'm going to get drunk to celebrate.
Heiden, who readily admits to not being a rocket scientist, was in the Launch Control Center to observe the Launch Crew's handling of an anomaly during pre-launch checks.
I've never tried it, but I know from observation that it doesn't turn you into a rocket scientist overnight.