rocket engineer

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an engineer who builds and tests rockets

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His life thus transformed as a rocket engineer, aerospace engineer and a technologist.
Hopefully the man who worked as a rocket engineer before he became a footballer will have learned something from that.
He first built small rockets to learn more about guidance systems, said Bernhard Tessmann, a rocket engineer who was responsible for test facilities.
How bodies respond to trauma, focusing on the cases of Charlotte, a woman with a congenital heart condition, who discovers she is pregnant and Nasa rocket engineer Scott who has an incurable liver disease and needs a transplant.
Just about every rocket engineer in the world has at least one foot in the clouds and many of them are guilty of letting their imagination get the better of them.
The story begins with an intimate narrative of Lord's relationship with her father, Charles Lord, a rocket engineer.
While von Braun appears throughout Astro Turf to express the most backward values of the cold war, Lord's real animus is reserved for her father, whom she reveres for his intriguing career as a rocket engineer but resents bitterly for his absence from family life.
Lord was becoming a teen in Southern California, her mother was dying of cancer, and her rocket engineer father disappeared into his work at the Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena.
Particularly fascinating is the treatment of individuals: Fritz Haber, the Nobel Laureate chemist, who developed poison gas technology for the Germans in WW I but was dismissed from his position by the Nazis because of his Jewish blood; Werner Heisenberg, the brilliant physical theorist who may have sabotaged the Nazi nuclear program (though Cornwell doubts this); Joseph Mengele, the "physician" (butcher) of Auschwitz; and Werner yon Braun, the rocket engineer who changed sides easily after the war and helped the U.
But the Russians said Tito, a former rocket engineer, received the equivalent of a professional cosmonaut's training.
Tito is a former rocket engineer at NASA's jet propulsion laboratory who later went into finance and founded the Wilshire Associates investment firm in Santa Monica, California.
But rocket engineer Leik Myrabo says Lightcraft signals incredible possibilities.