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consistent in performance or behavior

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The ROCK-STEADY system rapidly delivers an accurate and stable result by using high speed digital analysis of the load cell signal.
Among them was an enchanting performance of Gsovsky's Grand Pas Classique, filled with rock-steady balances and confidence, and a solo from Paquita where she sported a stunning orange-sherbet tutu and delivered the pizzazz to go with it.
Bean Paddling School where, in the course of a few hours, wavering water-Weebles can become rock-steady masters of the deep--after a capsize or two, perhaps.
But Celtic are always to be feared, especially with Henrik Larsson so deadly up front and Alan Stubbs and Johan Mjallby rock-steady at the back.
They are very interested in the rock-steady Southampton defender who is out of contract at the end of the season.
The radio waves were chopped into rock-steady pulses, like a radio heartbeat coming from one part of the sky.
The film is going rock-steady even in its third week.
Expect plenty of rock-steady beats and punk attitude.
And a final group hug in which Jagger, Richards and Wood gathered around rock-steady drummer Charlie Watts, the true engine of the ensemble, illustrated their bond.
The 8*25 IS provides a rock-steady image for as long as the Image Stabilizer button is depressed, even from a moving vehicle or while the user is walking.
The Great White Shark showed nerves of steel to card his third sub-par round on the trot - a rock-steady 71 - to finish the day 13 under on 203.
Of course, all the new models come with Image Stabilization so users can shoot rock-steady video even when they're at maximum telephoto without a tripod.
This is the setting, and the resounding ethical dilemma, that shapes Wilson's coming-out play, which is receiving a first-tier production at the Taper from director Marion McClinton and an ensemble cast as virtuous and harmoniously emphatic as a rock-steady r&b unit.
To help shoot rock-steady video, the camcorder has a built-in high-quality image stabilizer.