rock oil

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a dark oil consisting mainly of hydrocarbons

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took part in the genesis of the Pennsylvania petroleum industry with his Report on the Rock Oil .
En 1859, el llamado <<patriarca de la industria del petroleo>> (McElwee, 2007), George Bissell, un abogado de Wall Street, agente de inversiones y uno de los accionistas mayoritarios de la Pennsylvania Rock Oil Co.
The Leon Jeacock Business Partnership is supported by BMC Racing, Rock Oil, UVS Signs, Freddy Dunn, Andrew Downs and the Cross Keys.
The firm's clients have ranged from Rock Oil and Geo Organics to Huddersfield Town Centre Association
The former president of Jordan Geologists Association, George Haddadin, stressed on the need to benefit from the existing resources in the Kingdom such as the shale rock oil and uranium.
Now the talk is about methanol, rock oil or pitch oil in Canada.
Staffordshire's industrial supplies firm Global Hygiene, part of the Global Group, of Cold Meece Estate, Swynnerton, has been awarded the exclusive distributorship of Rock Oil oils and lubricants across Shropshire, Staffordshire and Birmingham.
Rock oil originates as tiny bodies of animals buried in the sediments which, under the influence of increased temperature and pressure acting during an unimaginably long period of time, transform into rock oil.
You can buy the rock oil, used to treat rheumatism and other ailments, from the shop or try it at the Hotel Wiesenberg around the corner, along with a range of spa, sauna and massage treatments.
An 1855 advertisement for Kier's Rock Oil, a patent medicine whose key ingredient was petroleum bubbling up from salt wells near Pittsburgh, urged customers to buy soon before "this wonderful product is depleted from Nature's laboratory" The ad appeared four years before Pennsylvania's first oil well was drilled.
SHARES in London-based oil and gas explorer Black Rock Oil & Gas soared by 43pc, or 0.
Townsend and his partners believed rock oil (petroleum) would eventually replace whale oil used for lubrication and illumination.
With a `drill' based on a chisel that could be jumped up and down, Drake headed for Titusville, home of the Pennsylvania Rock Oil Company, to begin digging.
His first sales medium was the "medicine road show," but soon he was distributing oil through druggists as Kier's Rock Oil.