rock bottom

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a very low level, position, or degree


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the absolute bottom

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In his post, the Rock Bottom customer slammed senior management and labelled bouncers as "warped".
Windoworld has some fantastic deals, including seven windows and two doors for the rock bottom price of PS1,975, or why not go for the front of house deal for just PS1,199, consisting of one door and four windows.
There are plenty of newly established vulture funds ready to buy at rock bottom values.
Rock Bottom (43) and Odell (45) also made the list.
The first is Rock Bottom, the third film from director Jay Corcoran (after Life and Death on the A-List and Undetectable) documenting different facets of the AIDS epidemic in America.
Interest rates, although far from their rock bottom 1% levels in 2004, remain low historically and have not had the effect of unraveling the unprecedented levels of appreciation commercial real estate assets have undergone in major markets such as New York, Southern California and Washington DC.
Obviously it's been hard for me lately, but I think that was rock bottom.
Northern Foods has denied it ditched chicken supplier Grampian Country Food Group to take advantage of rock bottom prices for foreign meat.
Saturday's lineup of entertainers includes Filipino, Korean and Hawaiian dance groups, high school marching and jazz bands and a group called the Rock Bottom Betty Band.
Kerry-Anne, whose children, Connor-James and Reece-David, are now eight and four, said: "I hit rock bottom but I survived it and I'm proud that through everything I've always looked after my kids well.
But at rock bottom, the thing that it really was--a magazine--simply wasn't popular enough to live.
The annual figures are in, and Rock Bottom Restaurants, Inc.
The firm's rock bottom stock price indicates that Wall Street is no longer willing to pay for the aggressive, frenzied acquisition strategy that catapulted CHS into the big leagues of PC distribution.
Everything that exists occupies energy levels above the vacuum, which is the rock bottom on which physics is based.