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He stood 165 centimeters and weighed more than 90 kilograms, with a wide, boyish smile and a haircut as flat as an album cover, but Domino sold more than 110 million records, with hits including "Blueberry Hill," "Ain't That a Shame" -- originally titled "Ain't It a Shame" -- and other rock'n'roll standards.
The practices each country developed in order to accommodate this new musical idiom, as heard in the attempts of their music industries to create their own versions of rock'n'roll, can reveal the efforts of the French, Italian, German, and Greek contexts to institutionalize rock'n'roll by concealing its national roots to the largest possible extent.
He was referencing the Arctic Monkeys' frontman and his speech at this year's Brit Awards in which he stated that "rock'n'roll will never die".
The meat of the book lies in the eternally tense relationship between lead singer Mick Jagger and lead guitarist Keith Richards, two of rock'n'roll's most iconic figures.
"When we started to talk about that music, John would say 'Oh I love such and such a song.' We didn't like rock'n'roll solely.
Ha sido insuficiente la temporada que determino la UNAM para la pieza teatral de Tom Stoppard, Rock'n'Roll, con musicalizaciones clasicas de este genero.
He is known as the vegetarian cowboy that is too folk for country and too country for rock'n'roll. In all of the words that I have written or read, I have never seen such a simple, real and unique concept.
Summary: Shameless star Elliott Tittensor says the seventh series of the hit drama contains more sex, drugs and rock'n'roll than ever.
But rather than being a lager-swilling Liam Gallagher lout, or a flamboyant Lady GaGa from Glasgow, Jim turned out to be, well, a bit of a goody two-shoes - lovely, and very interesting - but short on tales of rock'n'roll excess.
She'd tour with a rock'n'roll outfit, Rather than staying at home.
The slow-building opening refrain of the anthemic Flowers and Football Tops announced the band's arrival on stage, looking every bit like a 1950s rock'n'roll band, all dressed in black with Gene Vincent quiffs.
Rock'n'roll nut Walter Gibb, built a timber replica of Elvis' Memphis home to mark the Stirlingshire town's gala day.
LEGENDARY rock'n'roll guitarist Tommy Allsup will be appearing at a special performance in one of Wirral's most unusual venues.
IRISH music star Daniel O'Donnell is planning to ease up on the hectic work schedule that brings him back to Birmingham on Monday with his all-action rock'n'roll show.
Picture rock'n'roll that spills over the audience like a hucked pitcher of beer, soaking you, then quickly evaporating from the heat.