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a partly sheltered anchorage


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The passage from Belle-Isle to Sarzeau was made rapidly enough, thanks to one of those little corsairs of which D'Artagnan had been told during his voyage, and which, shaped for fast sailing and destined for the chase, were sheltered at that time in the roadstead of Loc-Maria, where one of them, with a quarter of its war-crew, performed duty between Belle-Isle and the continent.
The whole great roadstead to the right was just a mere flicker of blue, and the dim cool hall swallowed me up out of the heat and glare of which I had not been aware till the very moment I passed in from it.
Therefore she went into that natural harbor to wait for a few days in preference to remaining in an open roadstead.
have entered their roadsteads, ports, or harbor works.
118) Both international agreements include special provisions for bays, ports, roadsteads, low-tide elevations and the mouth of a river.
Cameroon Y--19 Low-water mark and for November gulfs, bays and roadsteads 1985 decrees to be made fixing the lines.
Outer works such as roadsteads are considered to be located in internal waters, even though the structures may be surrounded by territorial sea.
Among the public rights recognized by the Civil Code are the right to fish "in the rivers, ports, roadsteads, and harbors" and a person's right to "land on the seashore, to fish, to shelter himself' as long as no injury is done to the property of adjoining property owners.