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In Mile 1, tractors may be conducting cut-and-fill excavations to level the grade of the highway, and large trucks are bringing in extra fill dirt to build up roadbed elevations for traffic ramps.
On appeal, the state supreme court emphasized that to prevail in a quiet title action, McRae needed to establish ownership of the roadbed on the strength of her own title and could not rely on weaknesses in SSI's title.
The city has mixed shredded tire rubber with the soil for the roadbed on 200 feet of temporary road, according to the report.
This will promote the long-term integrity of the Plastic Encasement and protect the integrity of the roadbed.
While many model railroaders rely on muscle to shape the roadbed, apply ballast and maintain their rights of way, a pair of little-locomotive enthusiasts from Kalamazoo, Mich.
This rail roadbed is generally the alignment of today's Route 1.
Previously the pavements were composed of asphalt and roadbed layer, which do not absorb moisture.
Today the company's fine mesh material is shipped primarily for use as an asphalt additive in roadbed construction and repair.
For approximately $24 per crossing, sensors can be placed under the roadbed and connected to the rail communication system that would detect a vehicle stalled on the tracks and warn the train's engineer.
There is movement of their components as well as water transport through the roadbed.
In this place--where one might park a truck or turn a trick--a single street lamp pooled its glow on a stained concrete roadbed and a curb complete with municipal storm drain and manhole cover.
These include the Old Railroad Depot in downtown Tuscumbia on 5th Street even though the tracks have been removed except for a small section where a static display of a caboose and boxcar are located and a curious pattern of old weathered asphalt on 5th Street revealing where the old roadbed is located.
The poems paint indelible word pictures: "Sumac thickets by the roadbed, either side, spangled by snow, and the big moon's light.
Many toms are reluctant to respond to hen talk near a trail or roadbed, and they are sometimes so conditioned to hearing calling coming from these that they'll go the other way.