road to Damascus

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a sudden turning point in a person's life (similar to the sudden conversion of the Apostle Paul on the road from Jerusalem to Damascus of arrest Christians)

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Even if Syria were not quite so far out of bounds at the moment, last week's Inflation Report would hardly qualify as Sir Mervyn's moment on the road to Damascus.
It came a day after warplanes bombed rebels on the road to Damascus international airport.
Warplanes on Wednesday overflew the area, through which passes the road to Damascus international airport.
From Beirut, the road to Damascus undergoes a dramatic conversion.
Perhaps the road to Damascus is symbolic of the inner journey to absolute spiritual integrity or, put another way, to the place of the soul wherein Bonheoffer transformed from a theologian to a Christian.
It was on the road to Damascus from Jerusalem; allegedly at a place now called Darayya, that something happened to Saul which was to change his life forever.
Since the meeting of the Risen Christ on the road to Damascus, Paul became the Apostle of Nations, many great saints who have shaped the religious history of your country.
The road to Damascus is a road to peace,'' said Nancy Pelosi on a 2007 visit to Syria as House Speaker.
when Waldo started Paul on the road to Damascus because I had learned it
The latest convert on the road to Damascus is Ed Miliband who apparently offers us humility, now that''s got to be a new word in the political vocabulary.
McDonnell said: "I welcome this road to Damascus conversion from Ed Miliband and Ed Balls, but regret that it is so late in the day.
Pelosi memorably declared that ''the road to Damascus is a road to peace.
Syria is a neighbor of Lebanon and its natural-geographical outlet; this was proved in the summer of 2006, when Israel undertook its barbaric offensive against Lebanon and closed all of its outlets, from port to airport; the road to Damascus was the only one open to the Lebanese.
On the Road to Damascus, the long awaited solo exhibition of the paintings of June Bartlett, was opened at the Knightsbridge Mathaf Gallery by Syria's ambassador to the UK, HE Sami Khiyami.
The experience was like Saul's conversion on the road to Damascus.