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a test to insure that a vehicle is roadworthy

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AN incredibly rare E-Type Jag, painstakingly restored by Shropshire specialists, has touched a staggering 146mph during a road test.
We are trying to automate as much as we can and hopefully we can implement these steps for the road tests soon," he added.
successfully pass the permit test or any yard or road test to ensure their success as part of the student s
Despite having frustrating controls, BMW and Mercedes-Benz models are nicely finished and well-mannered on the road, and they get high scores in Consumer Reports road tests.
Honda Motor Company (NYSE: HMC) (TYO: 7267), a Japan-based automaker, has started road tests of an electric vehicle in China.
Second place in the best road test table was the McLaren F1.
Once the person passes the Knowledge Test, the system will automatically direct the student to his/her traffic file, from where an appointment for the Road Test can be booked.
2008: Commenced public road tests in Norway with RX-8 Hydrogen RE validation vehicle
Isuzu warned about road tests without legal procedures
Forcing air through strategically placed slits on a tractor trailer results in a major boost in fuel economy; new road tests of diesel-fueled trucks show.
Attempts to legislate tougher driving license renewal requirements for California's elderly drivers have repeatedly stalled, allowing the state's oldest drivers to stay behind the wheel without having to pass regular road tests.
Accelerated weathering and road tests reportedly show that uncoated parts of the new SMC resist surface degradation and fiber blooming just like painted parts.
Road tests can be arranged by contacting the PJ Evans sales team on 0121-666 6999.
In this way, companies are said to avoid time-consuming and costly road tests.
Most jurisdictions impose road tests and fitness requirements that are designed to prevent unfit drivers from obtaining an initial license.