road mender

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a workman who is employed to repair roads

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Eavesdropping the conversation between The Byreman and Old John, a fellow son of the soil by far his senior, was like "Googling" All Farmers Great and Small: between them they knew just about every stockman in Northumberland as well as, for some unknown reason, treasuring stories about the county's original Irish road mender, Tim Doody
The daughter of a council road mender, she married lorry driver Alfred George in London Catholic church in 1954.
A Road menders B Miners C Gardeners D Watchmakers QUESTION 2 - for 2 points: Which part of the body is protected by the cranium?
In the last seven months, Northumberland County Council said it has reduced the backlog of potholes through investment in new methods and machinery, including the purchase of two Jetpatcher repair machines and the use of two additional road menders.
Road menders who don't keep an eye on the clock will end up in deep water on their next project.