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a gang of road workers

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308) visiting small Road Gangs at these locations approximately 8km and 20km west of Cox's River on the Great West Road and 'another twixt that place and Bathurst.
C Company henchman Sham Miller shadows his leader Johnny Mad Dog Adair during happier times for the rogue Shankill Road gang.
The prison warden declared that Lester was a 'trusty' and had served on the road gang without trouble.
57) Hall told of `a Gentleman of wealth and intelligence' who assured him that road gang absences were innumerable and that the runaways were committing highway robberies, `the gangs being driven to desperation .
For information on Road Gang stations: 800 344 ROAD
The ridiculously slight gas tax, which allows us to buy a gallon of gas at one-third the price of a gallon of milk, is returned to the road gang in full, failing to right the automobile's subsidies or its social and environmental costs of $3,000 to $5,000 per car.
Whether we're talking about the songs of children skipping rope, the rhythmic blues of a road gang laying asphalt under an August sun, or the chanted litanies of a church procession on the solemnity of Corpus Christi, we like music because it has a beat and because it sings out the sounds of our bodies at work and play.
The 'greater' writers, the ones we first think of in relation to this period, seem by and large to have spent much time fetishizing various forms of masculinity in word and deed--Jensen quotes Bertram's approval of Fairburn's working in a road gang, and the figure of the soldier seems simply to have been a tidier form of this middle class amour de boue.
She ran the Interstate Radio Network and Road Gang Radio Network out of Nashville, and also has managed for stations in Memphis now owned by Infinity and Entercom, Cumulus and Clear Channel stations in Nashville, as well as Clear Channel properties in New Orleans.
But Rick Pratt, QC, representing Culshaw, suggested that the incident was related to an ongoing feud between Martin and the Scotland Road gang.
A small island is left around the car abandoned in Dartmouth Street as the road gang gets to work
He's one of the few remaining members of the Polo Road Gang - a group of 11 Republicans who met at state Rep.
One of the road gang members, Trevor Kimber, 47, revealed yesterday: "I was reading the Daily Mirror at work and thought the numbers looked familiar.
Still, they haven't done one with the Hole in the Road Gang.