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Synonyms for roach

a roll of hair brushed back from the forehead

the butt of a marijuana cigarette

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street names for flunitrazepan

European freshwater food fish having a greenish back

comb (hair) into a roach

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cut the mane off (a horse)

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Within this small, dark and warm space, little roaches are born, then start defecating all over the circuit board.
Of 40 compounds the team identified in roach dung that might produce an enticing scent, 31 were reduced by at least half in the dung of roaches raised in a bacteria-free environment.
Brown-banded roaches obtain their name from the two lighter bands they have throughout their dark brownish bodies.
A concise history of the porcupine hair roach, along with photos of contemporary dancers' roaches, was recently offered by Craig Jones in Whispering Wind 42:1,pp.
Generally, roaches have a sweet tooth for these sugars.
That night, a total of four dozen roaches of the 3-inch-long, hissing Madagascar variety were eaten in the name of fast movement through the line.
The chirps, trills, and squeaks of many insects, including most other kinds of roaches, come from the rubbing of legs or other body parts against each other.
5 inch)-long roaches send out streams of air from their breathing holes.
Buhach or DE can be applied to crevices and under appliances where roaches hang out (but keep away from pets).
The light from the first fire built by humans may well have sent a crowd of roaches scurrying into cracks in a cave wall; a hand-size rock may have been the first pesticide.
Orkin Pest Control Technical Manager Frank Meek says roaches enter homes and businesses in search of food, water and shelter.
Early roaches were made of graduated lengths of porcupine guard hair or turkey beard and decorated with an outer row of deer tail hair that was typically white or dyed red.
But in 1993, Jules Silverman, also a coauthor on the new paper, reported roaches avoiding these once-appealing baits.
The zoo has plenty of roaches to name with thousands of the super-sized bugs on exhibit in Madagascar
roaches are naturally clumsy and can run into obstacles.