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Synonyms for roach

a roll of hair brushed back from the forehead

the butt of a marijuana cigarette

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street names for flunitrazepan

European freshwater food fish having a greenish back

comb (hair) into a roach

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cut the mane off (a horse)

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Bowling: Roach 10-3-28-3, Holder 11.4-5-20-1, Cornwall 23-7-68-0, Gabriel 7-3-18-0 (nb2), Chase 3-0-22-0.
After a delayed start of 70 minutes, Roach took out Mayank Agarwal on 5 and Chesteshwar Pujara on 2 in the same fifth over, both coming forward only to edge behind.
Twelve days after Pacquiao's emphatic win over Keith Thurman in Las Vegas, Roach spoke with the Bulletin on Thursday and lamented the fact that Fernandez insists that he has the authority and not Roach, on whether Pacquiao should retire or not.
The sight worried Roach, Pacquiao's longtime cornerman, who is known for his bluntness.
After relinking and presiding over a sparring session, Roach expressed amazement at how Pacquiao has remained fresh and fully competitive.
Roach initially alleged in a lawsuit filed in May that Cooper embezzled $4.5 million over several years.
Leon Roach, 40, from Tonypandy , died from a "catastrophic" brain injury after falling from Porthcawl slipway following a night out in the seaside town.
Leon Roach, 40, from Tonypandy, died from a "catastrophic" brain injury after falling from Porthcawl slipway following a night out in the seaside town.
 The iconic Buzz's Original Steak House in Pearl City, Hawaii, has been closed since Saturday after the Department of Health (DOH) learned of a roach infestation in the restaurant two weeks ago.
Of 40 compounds the team identified in roach dung that might produce an enticing scent, 31 were reduced by at least half in the dung of roaches raised in a bacteria-free environment.
The American roach is the biggest of the house-infesting cockroaches.
The porcupine hair roach has become an indispensable part of every energetic powwow dancer's outfit.
Roach, 46OXFORD/NORTHBORO - Paul Matthew Roach, 46 November 12th 1967 - October 19, 2014 Paul was the youngest of 11 siblings and the son of the late Albert J Roach (1977) and Josephine A Zulkus (1985) who grew up in Northboro.
In a big restocKing operation yesterday, 1,200lb of roach were removed from the laKe in Wilton ParK, Batley.
Roach (author); SIX WOMEN OF SALEM; Da Capo Press (Nonfiction: History) 18.99 ISBN: 9780306821202