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a small stream

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A tiny stream from Kilimanjaro's eternal snow cap still trickled over the edge of the rocky wall at the upper end of the gulch, forming a little pool at the bottom of the cliff from which a small rivulet wound downward to the tunnel through which it passed to the gorge beyond.
"There ye go," he said, addressing himself to the rivulet, "bubblin' to yer ain annihilation in the loch yonder!
Here it was a furious torrent, quite impassable, and appeared larger than in the low country, as was the case with the rivulet of Villa Vicencio.
The nearer the travelers came to the great city the more prosperous the country became, and they crossed many bridges over the sparkling streams and rivulets that watered the lands.
Summary: Mandi (Himachal Pradesh) [India], Aug 29 (ANI): A live mortar was found in a rivulet in Ratti village under Balh police limits here on Wednesday, police said.
The rain-triggered flood in the rivulet and rainfall entered into the houses, said Birendra Bir Biswakarma, chief of Area Police Office, Bhojbhagawanpur.
GUJRANWALA -- The dead body of a toddler who went missing 11 days ago and was suspected to have been kidnapped was recovered Monday from a rivulet in Adhoraye village, police confirmed.
He says a solution is not difficult as there is a rivulet which catches seepage water from Rajghat canal, making it brimming with water throughout the year.
Ms Kamanthe, who works as a househelp in a neighbouring home, found that her youngest daughter had been swept away by a rivulet that had formed in a nearby path.Ms Kamanthe and her neighbours searched the compound and neighbouring farms for hours but they did not find the girl.
Meanwhile, in Pithoragarh district of the northern state of Uttarakhand, two separate incidents of cloudbursts claimed lives of six persons while a jawan went missing after swirling waters of a rivulet hit an Army camp.
The upper rivulet will move on the tangential direction with the velocity of r[??], r is the radius of the cylinder, and the relative wind velocity to the cylinder with moving rivulet is
A nomad lost two sons last year while crossing a rivulet at Bajeen, another far- flung part of the district.
WALES & West Housing's PS16.9m ground-breaking affordable housing development in Hightown and Rivulet Road was awarded Best Affordable Housing Scheme at this year's Housing Excellence Awards.