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the bank of a river


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He added: "Because it's an annual plant, in the winter once it's gone it can leave big patches of bare riverbanks, which can cause problems like flooding, and reducing habitat for the likes of salmon and trout wanting to lay their eggs."
'The plants along its riverbanks, installed by the PRRC, aim to improve the estero's water quality through phytoremediation which is the use of plants like Bandera Espanola, Vetiver, and Heliconia which are scientifically-proven to absorb pollutants and heavy metals to naturally filter the water,' PRRC said.
The team of the BIWTA also recovered 2.5 acres of land from the riverbanks. Besides, the drive has raised about Taka 402,000 by selling auctioned products.
In May last year, the commission had dismissed an application seeking review of the previous order and permission for Sunday bazaars on the riverbanks and observed that there was no provision in the law to grant such a permission.
Some benches have their own stories written on tables nearby, said citizen activist Ivan Jan#269ek, who is behind the implementation of the project.The benches are located at the riverbanks between the Zoborskyacute and Chrenovskyacute Bridges.
"The first 72-hours post-partum are the most critical; however, both mom and infant appear to be doing well," said Sue Pfaff, Riverbanks' curator of mammals, in a news release.
She explained their research found that the shrub dislikes conditions that are too wet, unlike native plants such as nettles, butterbur and canary grass which dominate lowland riverbanks.
Here the narrator tells how she learnt a plant name, Paspalum urvillei, from an old man who had moved to Japan just as the plant "came fifty years ago to the riverbanks of Japan":
But it's on the riverbanks rather than outer space where Alaina Harrison will be fighting the invaders.
WORK to protect riverbanks has been carried out by a local shoot on the Llyn Peninsula through BASC's Green Shoots conservation programme.
City of San Fernando, Pampanga - There are no more illegal dump sites in Sasmuan and no more garbage on the riverbanks along Pampanga River going out to Manila Bay.
The woodlands and riverbanks surrounding Durham Cathedral are to undergo a carefully programmed tree management project, building on 18th Century plans thanks to lottery funding.
"The woodlands and riverbanks offer peace and quiet from the hustle and bustle of the city centre and we hope that, once the tree management work is complete, more people will be encouraged to visit this peaceful haven at the heart of Durham City.'" The tree management work is the third phase of a Woodland Management Programme to rejuvenate the heritage woodlands and riverbanks around the Durham Peninsula.
They worked really hard, in freezing conditions, to remove lots of waste from the riverbanks.
"We collected the garbage on the bank of the River Ganges and cleaned the riverbanks, also.