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sociable aquatic animal widely distributed along streams and lake borders in North America

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Our objective was to investigate whether activity at river otter latrines influenced the local behavior (i.e., site use and activity patterns) of other riparian mammals via olfactory cues.
* There are 13 species of otters; the most common in Florida is the North American river otter, whose population is stable.
Megan Isadore of the River Otter Ecology Project was helpful with otter natural history.
The project in Scotland and at the River Otter in Devon have been successful and we want to do the same in Wales."
Of the 13 scat specimens, 8 originated from deer, 2 from raccoon, and 1 each from coyote, turkey, and river otter. Six scat specimens (4 deer, 1 coyote, 1 river otter) were positive for [stx.sub.1] and [stx.sub.2] or for [stx.sub.2] by PCR (online Technical Appendix, https:// wwwnc.cdc.gov/EID/article/23/7/17-0226-Techapp1.pdf).
An orphaned North American river otter being nursed back to health
An orphaned North American river otter being nursed back to health SUPERCHARGED OTTERS: NATURAL WORLD BBC2, 8pm WILDLIFE cameraman Charlie Hamilton James is a self-confessed otter fanatic.
Through the woods surrounding Trallonia, farther than she has ever traveled, Anya journeys with Ardent, a faithful royal dog; Shrub, a would-be thief transformed into a newt; and Smoothie, a river otter transformed into a girl.
They include the Southern river otter, hairy-nosed otter, giant otter and the India smooth-coated otter.
Beavers were released in Scotland in 2009, while the Devon Wildlife Trust introduced a pair of beavers into the River Otter in England last year.
The male and female beavers were set free on the River Otter as part of a five-year trial designed to monitor the impact of Eurasian beavers - a species which was hunted to extinction by people hundreds of years ago in the UK - on the surrounding landscape, wildlife and economy.
Natural England, the Government agency responsible, has decreed that the beavers living on the ironically named river Otter in Devon can stay.
Tanyongkul and some Sea World animal trainers recently held a press conference in Culver City, showing samples of the offerings including the dragon dance, a welltrained river otter, among others.
bird species and wildlife watchings that could include deer, river otter, beaver arid other wildlife even with the potential to spot a black bear.