river horse

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massive thick-skinned herbivorous animal living in or around rivers of tropical Africa

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River Horse Brewing Company, producers of award-winning, handcrafted premium ale and lager microbrews, today announced that it has entered into an agreement with a Philadelphia-based private investment group led by Glenn Bernabeo and Chris Walsh, both former Directors and Partners at SSG Capital Advisors, L.
The timing couldn't be better for us to get involved and help take River Horse to the next level.
Our goal is to establish for River Horse a leadership position as a premium product within the craft brewing market.
He ended up choosing River Horse Brewing in Lambertville, NJ, two hours south of his home base.
Cipriani distributes three Hudson Valley ales, Rip's Pale Ale, Hudson Valley Amber and Old Man Ale, as well as five from River Horse and five from Woodstock Brewing (a micro based in Kingston, NY; upriver from Hudson Valley Brewing) in six counties.
Among those suppliers was National Starch and Chemical of Bridgewater, NJ, which helped River Horse with the know-how to adhere its labels to 12-oz.
River Horse found that the COL-TITE casein, ice-proof adhesive delivered the high tack and fast-setting properties needed for the brewery's high-speed Kosme 6T rotary labeler, but also allowed the labels to be removed easily, an important consideration for returnables.
Part Two begins with the strongest essay (Chapter Four) in the book, 'From River Horses to Dancing Sharks: Canoes and Fish in Ijo Art and Ritual', which effectively connects Ijo culture to the environment, deals with gender differences, and has a detailed discussion of Ijo masking.