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massive thick-skinned herbivorous animal living in or around rivers of tropical Africa

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River Horse's Walsh said he too invested in a canning line this spring, a cost to his company of about $150,000.
The word "hippopotamus" means "river horse" in the Greek language.
River Horse is the only New Jersey brewery recognized.
River Horse has used solar power to brew its beer since 2010, when it moved from its original location in Lambertville to a building in Ewing with solar power already installed.
So far, River Horse has 57 of the 7,595 votes casted.
* Neshaminy Creek Brewing Co.--Founded by a former River Horse Brewing Co.
ANSWERS: 1 The Pompidou Centre' 2 Radio 2' 3 The Colorado' 4 Haggis' 5 River horse' 6 Ludwig van Beethoven' 7 Chicago' 8 Israel' 9 Blenheim' 10 Tony Benn.
And this is a word is made up from hippos 'horse' and dromoumai, the future of the verb 'to run', both of which are recognisable in English in words such as 'hippopotamus' (river horse) and 'dromedary' ( runner).
"I wanted the brewery that would brew my beers to be outside my market," explained Cipriani, "so that our beers wouldn't directly compete with each other, but I also wanted the brewery to be as close as possible outside that market." He ended up choosing River Horse Brewing in Lambertville, NJ, two hours south of his home base.
"River Horse supplies all the ingredients for the Hudson Valley beers, the manufacturing process, the glass and the crown cap.
Their company, the River Horse Brewing Co., which began operations in April 1996, is enjoying a better than 50% growth rate and is on track to sell some 5,000 barrels of its premium ale and lager beers this year, according to Jack Bryan, president.
Among those suppliers was National Starch and Chemical of Bridgewater, NJ, which helped River Horse with the know-how to adhere its labels to 12-oz.
class="MsoNormalMIGHTY MARA class="MsoNormalAlong the mighty Mara coursing its way through the park, the hippo pools boast a pod of the gigantic river horses dozing in midday stupor.
The concession is under strict quota and few permits are available, even if the river is loaded with these big river horses.
Part Two begins with the strongest essay (Chapter Four) in the book, 'From River Horses to Dancing Sharks: Canoes and Fish in Ijo Art and Ritual', which effectively connects Ijo culture to the environment, deals with gender differences, and has a detailed discussion of Ijo masking.