river bottom

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a channel occupied (or formerly occupied) by a river


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First of all, these bucks are often bedding in river bottom cover or brushy hill-sides, and they often make long walks crossing open areas to get to the food.
Add in the fact that Blair permits only bowhunting on the property (allowing the land to serve as a sanctuary for local whitetails during the Illinois firearms season) and limits pressure to no more than four hunters per week and 12 hunters per fall, and it's really no wonder River Bottom Bucks' clients routinely take mature whitetails scoring from 150-200 inches.
Resting on the river bottom, the mussels filter the water taking in the necessary nutrients to grow and survive, as well as anything else that may end up in the Willamette's flow.
The contamination does not affect salmon, which do not feed off the river bottom.
Realizing that darters spend most of their lives resting on the stones and gravel of stream and river bottoms, where they feed and reproduce, I added extra weights to the lower edge of the netting, to ensure that it would stay down should we encounter any swift currents.
About 50 farmers and landowners who are part of a coalition called the Brazos River Bottom Alliance are fighting the potential construction of the rail yard, concerned it will destroy longtime farmland and damage the environment.
But a strong current and choppy waters were complicating the task, Saiful said, while the depth of the water and the thick sand encrusting the river bottom added to the difficulty.
The river bottom was lined with sand, and the water was clear.
The firing site will be the Trinity River bottom, giving residents of Downtown Dallas and Trinity Groves a birds eye view of the show.
The diluted bitumen, called dilbit, sank to the river bottom and mixed with the soil there.
During the first weekend of deer season, 16-year-old Melissa Branagan, while hunting with her dad, spotted a nice 6x5 mule deer buck in the river bottom country of southeast Idaho.
I noticed it was badly worn on the bottom as if it has been scraped along the river bottom but it didn't look too old.
Periods of low water are the optimum time to remove obstacles since they allow excavators and hydraulic hammers easier access to the river bottom.
Working together with an international research team, U of A graduate student Scott Persons examined unusual claw marks left on a river bottom in China that is known to have been a major travel-way for dinosaurs.
Jesmond Dene Hoary, while vibrant waterfall tumbling Over alive thundering down, Hitting river bottom.