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a channel occupied (or formerly occupied) by a river


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"But after watching the buck and doe walk across our hay field and into the river bottom two nights in a row, I was curious if he'd stick around or not."
* BONUS ROUND Following lunch and a nap, we were back at it, chasing valley quail along the river bottom during the last couple hours of the day.
Add in the fact that Blair permits only bowhunting on the property (allowing the land to serve as a sanctuary for local whitetails during the Illinois firearms season) and limits pressure to no more than four hunters per week and 12 hunters per fall, and it's really no wonder River Bottom Bucks' clients routinely take mature whitetails scoring from 150-200 inches.
Resting on the river bottom, the mussels filter the water taking in the necessary nutrients to grow and survive, as well as anything else that may end up in the Willamette's flow.
The most stubborn pollutant in the river is PCBs, or polychlorinated biphenyls, but there also are chemical variants of DDT and other toxins, most of it in the muck on the river bottom.
The present day river bottom sediments are complex; mechanical, mineral and chemical composition heterogeneous polydispersed system which is sensitive to the change of surrounding environment physical and chemical conditions.
West added: "When the Blanco River used to rise, you had pastures out there, and ranchers had to get cattle out of the river bottom. Now you've got people at the river bottom."
She said BoBrook Farms of Roland will be selling its River Bottom Winery wine at the market.
Paul quickly taught me the art of using a seine: you kick up stones and debris from the river bottom, to dislodge the fish hiding among the riffles.
The structure is designed to be 190 meters long and be anchored to the river bottom with two steel "spudpoles," similar to equipment that anchors workboats.
But a strong current and choppy waters were complicating the task, Saiful said, while the depth of the water and the thick sand encrusting the river bottom added to the difficulty.
The river bottom was lined with sand, and the water was clear.
"I noticed it was badly worn on the bottom as if it has been scraped along the river bottom but it didn't look too old.
During the first weekend of deer season, 16-year-old Melissa Branagan, while hunting with her dad, spotted a nice 6x5 mule deer buck in the river bottom country of southeast Idaho.
EPA questioned the accuracy of that conclusion and said the draft SEIS needed "a more careful review of the market analysis and rail transportation options." The EPA also underlined the potential environmental dangers to public health and safety from a pipeline spill, differentiating between an oil spill and a diluted bitumen spill such as the Enbridge oil pipeline spill in the Kalamazoo River in 2010 The diluted bitumen, called dilbit, sank to the river bottom and mixed with the soil.