river boat

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a boat used on rivers or to ply a river

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From airsofting, evening meals and spa days, to river boat cruises, sports match tickets and spirit tasting classes, Krakow has something for everyone.
Phase One is already open and allows you to explore Panay, Papua, Sumba and Sulawesi on foot, as well as the option to explore Islands from a unique perspective on the Lazy River Boat Trip.
The Lazy River boats created by MK Enterprises in Llanrwst
Clappine Chief' it seems, would be an unfortunate name for a river boat.
Christmas on a Mississippi river boat cruise with Bon Voyage, and save up to PS998pp if you book by October 10.
Withenbury's 1838-1842 Red River Reminiscences is an annotated selection of letters by 1800's river boat captain W.
With gorgeous weather, an upcoming film festival in Luxor, and some of the most hospitable people in Egypt, a river boat trip to the south has never sounded better.
She learns how to care for the horse, how to lead him onto the river boat and develops a way of reassuring him so that he does not panic once on board the boat.
From river boat tours to jungle tree-top hotels, from exploring jungle trails to bird watching, and from canoe rides to fishing, Latin Trails has the adventure and accommodation to satisfy every adult dream and childhood fantasy of exploring this great wonder of the world.
Look up Hyde, Clacka-craft, Don Hill, Willie Boats, RO, Koffler, Greg Tatman, Wood Watercraft, Koffler, Adipose Boat Works, Pavati, Stream Tech, Montana Boat Builders and Montana River Boat Co.
He had appeared on the royal barge on Sunday for the river boat pageant, but was forced to watch the rest of the festivities on his hospital TV after being taken ill on Monday.
A series of tastings, classes, dinners, river boat trips and parties were held throughout venues in the city to showcase San Antonio's lively nightlife and restaurant scene.
Divers searching the wreck of a Russian Volga river boat reportedly saw more than one hundred corpses trapped inside the pleasure craft when they recovered eight bodies on Monday.
It was an early lesson in river life: feed the birds and they will return the favour by covering your deck in enough guano to start a gunpowder factory" Broadcaster Sandi Toksvig, who lives on a river boat "I was always a sports nut but I've lost interest now in whether one bunch of mercenaries in north London is going to beat another bunch of mercenaries from west London" Actor John Cleese on football
Steele also helped spread the boat's fame - including by going to the nation's capitol during the American Bicentennial Celebration to build a McKenzie River boat for display in the Smithsonian Institution.