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River basin management plans are the foundation of Water Framework Directive (Directive 2000/60/EC).
The ceremony was attended by US Ambassador to BiH Maureen Cormack and Chairman of the International Sava River Basin Commission and Secretary of the BiH Ministry of Communications and Transport Igor PejiA.
The Cagayan River basin is one of the largest river systems in the country while the Agno River basin is the fifth largest.
PRCS used to maintain the 264-kilometer-long Pampanga River basin, the fourth biggest among 20 major river basins in the country.
The study of largest floods observed in Pakistan is very important to calculate the maximum flood that can occur in a river basin.
This offers great viable lesson for Pakistan to make the flood-prone Indus River basin the flood-proof river basin in the light of the Chinese experience, he said.
Energy business NGL Energy Partners (NYSE:NGL) and Meritage Midstream Services II on Monday jointly reported their plans to form a joint venture to develop crude oil gathering and water services infrastructure to serve oil and gas producers in Wyoming's Powder River Basin.
We did find isolated populations in the lower Wabash River drainage in Indiana, including the River Deshee, Knox County, and Barren Ditch of the Patoka River basin, Pike County (J.
The program adopts an integrated cross-sector approach to river basin management in a bid to improve the symbiotic relationship between existing economic activities and conservation practices being observed in river basins.
The dismissals were triggered by the inefficient implementation of projects under the "Environment" Operational Program, which resulted in financial corrections and delays in the preparation of plans for the management of the national parks and the river basin directorates, according to reports of the Bulgarian Telegraph Agency (BTA).
Participants will get practical field exposure to river basin management and planning in Portugal and Spain.
When the blue water footprint in a river basin is between 30 and 40% of natural run-off, water scarcity is considered to be significant; if the water footprint exceeds 40% of natural run-off, water scarcity is severe.
The House Appropriations Committee Subcommittee on Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies this week approved the funding for the study, which would be conducted in partnership with the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC).
Jordanian and Syrian technical talks on the Yarmouk River Basin are moving smoothly, a Jordan Valley Authority official said Tuesday.