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eager to surpass others


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(95) If a merger has coordinated effects, "the merger will produce a change in market structure or environment that will probably lead the firms to behave less rivalrously or more cartel-like." (96) The implication of coordinated effects is that tacit cooperation, if not outright agreements, between the remaining firms regarding pricing and production levels becomes much easier.
Just as it is not bad manners to innovate in the market place (Schumpeter 1934, pp.86-87), it is not bad manners to compete rivalrously over deep formulation.
This is a tradition in which James himself more quietly participates in 'The Beast in the Jungle', whose heroine, May Bartram, has a devoted and unnamed companion, who, at a key moment in the story, glares reproachfully, perhaps rivalrously, at Marcher as she takes her distressed and dying mistress away.
But these are all texts themselves, with different audiences and purposes, variably informed or misinformed, inarticulate or otherwise, angry, sly, imitative or rivalrously original, and are in addition only a tiny sample of all that has been written, let alone spoken, let alone felt or thought as part of the total "event" that has at its center Byron's published poem.
The league serves as a means by which teams are able to restrict player mobility - often covertly - while simultaneously competing rivalrously for player services.