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eager to surpass others


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Evident here is precisely the kind of pre-emptive and rivalrous mentality that Dos Passos depicts in his Samuel Insull biography and which precipitates the 1929 stock market crash.
Rather, there has tended to be specialization, with the outputs of the two groups tending to be complementary rather than rivalrous. More than that, there is a tendency toward serendipity between the two, with each facilitating and supplementing the work of the other.
(19) There is a dialogue in the poem between man and nature, as between Shelley and Hardy; it is not a correspondent-breeze dialogue but a competitive, contestatory, rivalrous one, far less Buberian than Bloomian, The two poems I have compared are among the most vividly agonistic Bloomian exhibits one could wish to find.
Finally, I suggest that some of these tensions regarding rivalrous and nonrivalrous resources might have been resolved through greater use of the "bundle of rights" model of property and more emphasis on the role of government regulation in defining common-use resources.
Competition between governments can be defined as "rivalrous behavior in which each government attempts to win some scarce beneficial resource or to avoid a particular cost." For example, local governments can try to attract retail sales by lowering sales tax rates and encouraging residents of other jurisdictions to cross-border shop.
Instead, it is the consequence of the rivalrous nature of the competition for rents.
In contrast to the farm model is the model of rivalrous competition.
This plot about the painful absence of sororal love is framed on the one side by the rivalrous but otherwise cheerful relation between the Musgrove sisters, Henrietta and Louisa (Anne's sisters-in-law) and, on the other, by the happy fraternal ties binding Captain Wentworth, his sister, and his brother-in-law.
Reference works, on the other hand, are rarely rivalrous. It is possible to exclude any person from using the public library, by geography, opening hours or regulation, but this arises more from managerial necessity than design.
By age three or four these animals were stronger than their human owners and became rivalrous. Adult males weigh in at more than two hundred pounds and have no trouble tearing off a human limb.
The grounds for rivalrous relations between Tom and Spencer are implied at the very moment of Susan's introduction where she bestows kisses in turn upon her father's head and then Tom's lips, implying a turning of affection from the father to his replacement.
Kaye detects a rivalrous, productive but ultimately exhausting 'sullen struggle' with Dostoevskii in Conrad's fiction, especially in Under Western Eyes, after which his fiction greatly diminished in output and literary quality' (p.
software industry and finds: (1) as multimarket contact increases, a firm moves less frequently but more quickly following the moves of rivals; (2) as a firm's resources are more dissimilar relative to rivals, it becomes more rivalrous along both action and timing dimensions of competitive behavior; and, (3) the influence of multimarket contact on firm-level action is most influential for firms whose resources are more dissimilar relative to rivals, but its influence on a firm's time to move is most influential for firms whose resources are more similar relative to rivals.
The Sinhalese ethno-nationalism which gave rise to violent conflict with the Tamils has been characterised by a rivalrous volatility in the political uses of culture that derives from deep disjunctions in social and cultural experience under colonial rule.
The authors argued that if hospitals in a particular geographic area are inclined to engage in rivalrous behavior, an increase in the availability of a particular service by neighboring hospitals will increase the likelihood that any individual hospital in the area will offer the service.