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eager to surpass others


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But few if any propertizable assets are perfectly rivalrous in this way, and some goods--such as ideas protected by IP law--are thought to be basically nonrivalrous.
Most importantly, competition is understood as a rivalrous and dynamic process, and the subjectivity of preferences looms much larger because of the assumption of heterogeneous knowledge.
Relatedly, within a conference fans are more likely to target rivalrous feelings toward the winningest teams and, in Bowl Championship Series conferences, teams who have been conference members for a longer proportion of time.
And there may well be more rivalrous eye-gouging than ever, though at least attacks will be out in the open and answerable.
And it undoes the rivalrous dyad formed by the two women by multiplying the number of players.
And third, it seems that Christensen's story about the rivalrous Sino-Soviet split is one that could just as easily be about power and interests as about ideology and regime type.
While outer space as a whole is indeed non-rivalrous, the heavily used regions of LEO and geo are rivalrous and also becoming congested.
The culture of power, given to rivalrous factions and thus operates from a vertical top-to-bottom process, is a culture of disconnectedness and distrust," opines an arts and culture stalwart whose name must for now be protected from a vindictive Malacanang.
A classic example is a fishery, in which the fish are rivalrous (if I catch one--or eat one
In no sense, however, can the concept of the common good of Catholic social teaching be reduced to the economic notion as being rivalrous and nonexcludable in consumption or to any secular purpose progressives may propose.
The rivalrous marriage of Spiel and Peter De Mendelssohn is evoked through Mendelssohn's letters to his wife.
CHEERS FOR CHEERLEADERS - University of Perpetual Help System DALTA, in one of its awe-inspiring forms into its 8th consecutive championship in the rivalrous NCAA season 89 Cheerleading Competition at the Mall of Asia Arena.
The separation of powers that is the essence of the constitutional system assumes rivalrous institutions.
3) FRISCHMAN (2012) has extended the public goods view by addressing, the costs of exclusion and the effects of rivalrous consumption.
In addition, the railing print exchange--which involves writing for a larger anonymous, heterogeneous audience, and which links the writers in rivalrous bonds--is set against the more traditional manuscript and institutionally based male bonds associated with Cambridge University.