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Synonyms for rival

compete with


Synonyms for rival

to come near, as in quality or amount

to strive against (others) for victory

Synonyms for rival

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Because the school has shared recurring rivalries with teams in their conference through competition in sports other than football, the current study examined how fan perceptions of the football rival team differed from existing rivalry perceptions with other athletic programs.
It is reasonable that fans would cheer for their favorite team and against an opponent or rival in direct competition as one team's success depends on the other's failure.
Although the average drop in rival value suggests that the information spillover effect dominates the industry competition effect, this average number hides significant variation at the industry and intraindustry level.
Contact: Elisa Righele, Rival, phone 888-989-0584, website http://www.
Much as a person might begin shouting back before an opponent finishes talking, birds on occasion start singing before their rivals stop.
The manufacturers best able to promote their own vision will restructure the industry to serve their competitive interests and weaken their rivals in the process.
Pat Dalton's impressive youngster Smooth Rival has the chance to make amends for that setback when he contests the Irpounds 5,000 to-the-winner final tomorrow.
6) My aim in the present paper is to develop a more nuanced analysis of confrontations between rival gangs in relation to masculine notions of honour and reputation.
As criticized by Bertrand, Cournot arrived at the equilibrium by assuming that each rival took the other rival's quantities as given and put his profit-maximizing quantity on the market.
All believers in certain claims are skeptics about rival claims.
The question of how a monopolist owner of a bottleneck facility should set the price for access to the facility by an entrant or rival supplier of a complementary component continues to be an interesting question for theory and policy.
For example, in the Ordover, Saloner, and Salop [1990] model, the unintegrated rival in the downstream market suffers a decrease in profits as a result of foreclosure.
The highlighted game this week was between Ajax and BC Rivals.
PESHAWAR -- Property dispute claimed lives of four men, including two brothers and inured another in the jurisdiction of Urmar Police Station when clashes erupted among two rivals on Wednesday.
At E3 2013, Ghost Games showed off "Need For Speed: Rivals," which is an open-world multiplayer-focused chase racing game that will be released for the PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.