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make or evolve into a ritual


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When patients do engage in rituals, they should know to immediately re-expose themselves to the cue that triggered the urge to ritualize.
Popular religion offers an opportunity to acknowledge and ritualize the existence of suffering and struggle as a part of life yet draw strength and hope to carry on.
Hill theorizes that the fulcrum connecting Hurston's talents is her language as performance technique, or her ability to dramatize, pictorialize, and ritualize language.
Defining women's ritualizing can be problematic, not least because women ritualize in a wide variety of contexts and patterns: Women can be found worshiping both within the institutional religions and consciously divorced from them; both singly and in community; both domestically and in public; both traditionally and innovatively.
Ritualize basic beliefs so beautifully and meaningfully.
Desire translates into the things with which we ritualize our lives and into the way we communicate and portray ourselves through objects.
And I decided to ritualize the process and give it a kind of pseudo order.