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make or evolve into a ritual


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When patients do engage in rituals, they should know to immediately re-expose themselves to the cue that triggered the urge to ritualize.
We ritualize this realization in the Passion of Jesus during Holy Week.
Hill theorizes that the fulcrum connecting Hurston's talents is her language as performance technique, or her ability to dramatize, pictorialize, and ritualize language.
Ritualize basic beliefs so beautifully and meaningfully.
Desire translates into the things with which we ritualize our lives and into the way we communicate and portray ourselves through objects.
Consisting of a reconstructed American flag with "two white arrows and a tomahawk" in place of the union stars, the flag evoked many of the risks of hunting, battle, and war that the "pale faces" of Carson City would soon ritualize when they became Red Men a few years later.