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of or characterized by ceremony

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Murphy, Macdonald, Hall, and Oliver (2000) investigated the termination of ritualistic behavior as a possible maintaining variable for the aggressive behavior of an individual diagnosed with severe developmental disabilities.
Repetitive play, superstitions, and ritualistic games are normal parts of childhood.
But the worst thing of all is the ritualistic showing of photographs when returning.
The tea house/table is for the use of the neighbourhood community, who can engage in either ritualistic contemplation or communal jollification.
IN the not-so-proud history of ritualistic hazing, there have certainly been greater abuses and indignities inflicted on people than being tricked into eating a few bites of dog food.
The rush seems full of ritualistic purpose, and stationary figures loom with totemic magic.
POLICE may investigate whether a skull found in a skip in a Birmingham street is linked to ritualistic killings.
Exploring ways to improve children's academic performance, advance children's communication and language skills, foster social interactions and friendships with typically developing peers, reduce disruptive behaviors, aid early identification and intervention, and reduce ritualistic behaviors and broaden children's interests, Pivotal Response Treatments For Autism is highly informative and very strongly recommended to all parents, teachers, and counselors of autistic children.
Her fuzzy figurations and obscured landscapes survey the places in between emotional and spiritual rapture in these ill-defined communities: arms flail, faces yearn, hopeful, reaching, and vaguely ritualistic.
Learn to identify ritualistic and intrusive thought patterns, and learn how to deflect them and turn them away with an excellent self-help guide to why obsessive thoughts persist and how psychologists treat the disorder.
It is interesting to note the politics of the time, constant dedication to the ritualistic worship of gods, and delegation of all things good and bad to a particular god's mood.
The distressing doctrinal and ritualistic drift has forced many traditional or moderate Catholics to lose hope in their leaders.
Investigating Religious Terrorism and Ritualistic Crimes.
For instance, he identifies early 19th-century celebrations that became ritualistic procedures.