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an advocate of strict observance of ritualistic forms

a social anthropologist who is expert on rites and ceremonies

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When governed by an agent-subject it was either the family head/ prince ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) or a ritualist, and never the king or any other royal family group member.
At the same time, an adherence to procedure offers the ritualist the comforts of routine.
The theological change that provided room for the ritualist development was the Oxford Movement's profound revaluation, not to say devaluation, of certain aspects of the sixteenth-century reformations.
Appendix Two presents the figures that underlie this argument: it estimates the percentages of clergy who were anti-ritualist, ritualist, and ultraritualist, broken down by income, age, and Oxford or Cambridge affiliation.
High Church ritualist parishes and priests sanctioned and sponsored the formation of monastic orders, and Anglican sisterhoods were the earliest of these communities.
In "A Sort of Aesthestico-Catholic Revival: Christina Rossetti and the London Ritualist Scene," Mason writes: "Viewing Christina Rossetti within this ritualist context underlines her position in Victorian Anglo-Catholicism while illuminating her personal beliefs, connections with Tractarian preachers and personal poetic methodology.
The Guild Wars Factions pre-order key also adds one unique item for each of the game's two new professions, the Ritualist and the Assassin, and authorizes the user to play Guild Wars Factions 24 hours before the game's street date in spring 2006.
Bright, like his friend Liddon, was a Tractarian more than a ritualist, though also like Liddon, he was a member of the Brotherhood of the Holy Trinity.
The emergence of a ritualist movement within Anglicanism, followed by the public conversion to Roman Catholicism of many of the Church of England's most able theologians, (5) coupled with the restoration of the Roman Catholic hierarchy in England in 1850, brought together a pan-Protestant impetus to protect England, through the eradication of popery in Ireland, from Romish encroachment under any guise: "When you are thinking of the best method of repelling that aggression on our shores which has awakened so deep an interest in every Protestant breast and English heart .
33) Lest any secret Ritualist wriggle out of these strictures, the circular went on in the eighth question to ask whether the candidate's "views of `the truth'" were accurately reflected in books by Evangelical clerics James May and John S.
Facilitated by a team of nationally known liturgical artists, this event will remind you that as liturgist you are artist and ritualist.
The event will enable players to experience two new professions being introduced in the campaign, the Assassin and the Ritualist.
He was an Anglican ritualist with a very liberal theology who respected the Catholicism of Ireland and--though he was widely considered to be an enemy of the Nonconformists--the Presbyterianism of Wales, with which he was quite familiar from his earliest days as an inspector of Welsh Nonconformist schools.
Thus, Aseneth's progression from virgin to bride mirrors, according to Kraemer, the spiritual progression of the ritualist signaled in mystical literature.
Various answers have been posed, from the text being a straightforward transcript of a ceremony observed by the scribe to the view that the attribution to an "author" was an act of pseudonymity intended to appropriate the prestige of a famous ritualist for the work of a later scribe.