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the study of religious or magical rites and ceremonies

exaggerated emphasis on the importance of rites or ritualistic forms in worship

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On audience preference of the themes of injustices, extra-marital affair, get-rich syndrome, ritualism, power tussle, armed robbery and bribery and corruption it shows the Yoruba film concept of cultural resilience.
Better still on ritualism, Turner (1967) defined it as a prescribed formal behaviour for non-technological occasion, indicating beliefs in mystical beings or power.
She managed to attract people to humanistic perception of religion, based on equality and challenging and rejecting social discrimination, and revolting against organized religion which was at that time strictly connected with Brahmanical ritualism and superiority.
Opportunities are often blocked by a sea of paperwork and bureaucratic ritualism unfamiliar to those growing up in blue-collar families.
finds these pro-sectarian or pro-Catholic novels to be influenced by four major Victorian movements: the Catholic Emancipation of 1829, John Keble's 1833 sermon "On National Apostasy" and the rise of the Oxford Movement, the influence of Anglo-Catholic ritualism, and the 1850 restoration of the Catholic hierarchy in England.
One contains an examination of Mary Wigman's Hexentanz II (Witch Dance, 1926) through a primitive ritualism lens as well as a non-Western sociology.
It warns against pietism or ritualism and encourages persons of faith to live those convictions everyday, everywhere," he said.
Secondly, most theories either ignore or downplay the problem of bureaucratic ritualism and red tape, or believe that it can be solved through regulatory reform.
Zeal tends to calcify into a rote ritualism, and is then revivified, to the chagrin and often against the opposition of the official priesthood, by a man from the desert who is not a member of the prophets' guild.
Wright's study on Harrison and Victorian ritualism charts how the Oxford Movement, at the centre of this cultural development, construed the Reformation as having robbed Christianity of its materiality "--its icons, liturgical objects, intense color, transcending smells, dramatic performances, and mysticism".
One can hear in these words--Tagore's own translation--echoes of Christ's admonition against the Pharisees in the Gospels, which Tagore had an added reason to like, for he was, being a Brahmo or reformed Hindu, similarly opposed to the ritualism and priestcraft of orthodox Hinduism.
Merton (1938) identified five forms of deviant adaptation: conformity, innovation, ritualism, retreatism, and rebellion.
Many contemporary discussions on the subjects of fashion, ritualism, and consumerism persuasively indicate converging shifts in the postwar representations of the Modern Woman.
This idea also emerges from an exploration of the allegorical behind other resources in the novel, from the use of the word "okey" to convey several meaningsi (or none at all) that surpass affirmativeness, to the symbol of the fire palliating the loss of the sun, or the ritualism constructed around the boy within a world that has been dispossessed of all meaning.
In uncovering The Dream's influence, this essay considers the poem from both a formal and literary-historical perspective, bringing The Dream into current conversations about the long Victorian poem that rely on narrative theory--including recent work on dramatic monologues, explorations of lyric versus narrative modes, and studies of Victorian experimentation with hybrid genres--while reading the poem in the context of movements of its time, such as the turn towards ritualism in poetry in the 1860s.