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the study of religious or magical rites and ceremonies

exaggerated emphasis on the importance of rites or ritualistic forms in worship

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Catholic liturgy sometimes reflects an exaggerated ritualism.
Lears seeks to resurrect the past of America's cultures of chance--not just gambling, but also divination, ritualism, speculation (financial and philosophical), marginality, and spontaneity (in art and literature)--as antidotes to the dominant American "quasi-official faith (evangelical or managerial) in the human capacity to master fate.
The ritualism and idolatry of Chinese religion, for example, were indiscriminately associated with that of Roman Catholicism.
Geary concluded his letter by suggesting a connection between familial obligation and the fraternal ritualism of the Knights.
The banality is funny but the ritualism of the movements turns it into a passage of sheer beauty, the moment when Ella G becomes elegy.
In these circles, the value of the complex order of Vedic ritualism, including the sacrifice of animals, was questioned.
The garden tendencies of Michel Tremblay's drama are revealed in the kind of "holy theatre" (16) of magic, madness, absurdism, ritualism, transcendentalism, romanticism, and the poetic that he has created.
His high-energy works range from African ritualism to abstract modern, but his repertoire is driven by the rhythm of the drums.
Klein interwove magical-alchemical traditions with ritualism and the Christian religious imagination (the idea of the icon, for example) and at the same time developed the lesson of Malevich.
Rev Bradley said: "Such unease was widespread in Anglican circles, as the Queen made little secret of her distaste for the ritualism and priestcraft which she detected in the Church of England.
34, 43-46, 47:13-48) Or, take, for example, the emphasis on the sacrificial cult in the Bible and the challenge to that cult as mere ritualism by the latter prophets.
Satirizing the self-conscious ritualism of ``The Godfather'' films, Siguenza offers a burlesque-style portrait of Christopher Columbus as a godfather figure, overseeing the in-fighting of his favored Anglo son (Salinas) and his New World offspring (Montoya), whose mother (Vivianne Nacif) is the symbol of all American Indians.
The juxtaposition among the play's realism, sporadic expressionism, and black aesthetic ritualism, situated in key folkloric practices and the ceremonious maturation of some principal characters, corroborates Hansberry's ability to tap African and Western constructs, and to fuse history with myth, drama, and folklore.
It had Dravidian beginnings and was at first mostly a presentation of ritualism.
In uncovering The Dream's influence, this essay considers the poem from both a formal and literary-historical perspective, bringing The Dream into current conversations about the long Victorian poem that rely on narrative theory--including recent work on dramatic monologues, explorations of lyric versus narrative modes, and studies of Victorian experimentation with hybrid genres--while reading the poem in the context of movements of its time, such as the turn towards ritualism in poetry in the 1860s.