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make or evolve into a ritual


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What we should sell is the image of an alive bull not of a dead bull, the image of an animal ritualised torture.
During courtship, male camels compete intensely in elaborate and ritualised performances that range from posing to strutting, as well as jostling and running.
A Killer targets homeless men in a series of ritualised murders that leaves Tony and his new Oxbridge educated partener Dl Andy Hall little to work on, Robson Green stars.
In some areas, territoriality was a "leisure activity", especially in Glasgow and Sunderland where gang fighting was more ritualised.
The Court of Louis XIV is known for its glamour, ritualised life and for the harm it did France's monarchy.
There is colourful banter and ritualised rivalry and gleeful robust baiting that sometimes goes near the knuckle.
From the marketing of the Islamic veil as a fashion item to the media explosion of interest in Turkish transsexual lifestyle, the role of folk dance as a ritualised part of public life, and the strained cross-class relations between comfortably-off apartment tenants and their more humble doorkeepers, the work demonstrates how close attention to the everyday can reflect the dynamics of a changing society.
PREHISTORIC rock art discovered in the Brecon Beacons was probably a primitive waymarker used by early farming communities to help travellers find their way around the ritualised landscape of ancient Britain, experts revealed today.
It contains essential rhythmic elements of bragging (braggadocio), ritualised insult and toasting oneself.