ritual killing

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the act of killing (an animal or person) in order to propitiate a deity

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Let them find evidence that will prove someone's guilt before attacking fellow residents and accusing them of ritual killings with no evidence to show,' he added.
In addition, Molodtsova said, a psychological and historical test would be conducted to find out if it could have been a ritual killing.
However, the abolition of the slave trade and slavery by the colonial powers and the criminalisation of ritual killing have driven the practice to the underworld.
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The ritual killing and burial of animals; European perspectives.
Journalists Rick Egan and Matthew LaPlante felt they had to tell the story of the ritual killing of mingi, or "cursed," children in Ethiopia.
during ritual killing than while being killed after stunning in an
It is thought he was the victim of a suspected voodoo-style poisoning and ritual killing in 2001 after his Nigerian parents abandoned him in Germany.
A MUM has been arrested after a four-year-old girl was found stabbed to death in a ritual killing at her flat.
Since these have paralytic and hallucinogenic properties, Klaus suggests that the drug might have been given to the victims before the ritual killing began.
And like their adult counterparts, the boys end the fight with a ritual killing of the bull.
In the book, Toaff alleges that a ritual killing was carried out by members of a fundamentalist group in reaction to the persecution of Jews.
On April 8, 2007, a 3-year-old boy was murdered in what was widely viewed as a ritual killing.
To call the ritual killing of captives an amusement or to compare the vision quest to a narcotic delusion made me wonder how an author who claims to take ritual seriously could at the same time dismiss such practices so easily.