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According to legend, in these same years, a new tradition of Christian ritual dance with Nahua origins emerged spontaneously at the Battle at Calderon Pass in 1531.
In a seminal article, "The Ritual Origins of Chinese Theater," (23) van der Loon set out to correct the evolutionary view of dramatic historians who traced theater's origins to the pre-Han dynasty ritual dances and shamans but claimed that in the course of the history of theater these ritual elements gradually faded in a steady process of secularization that continued into modern-day China.
The lack of rain is a sign of a spiritual imbalance that the rites and interventions of the ritual dance and magic practiced by medicine men is designed to correct.
Craig Scandrett-Leatherman insightfully studies participation in Pentecostal praying as a disciplined way of knowing; in particular he explores how ritual dance overcomes "the dichotomies of body and mind, science and Spirit, black and white" (168).
The Kalachakra Ritual Dance will take place on July 12, followed by three days of actual Empowerment from July 13 - 15.
The Matachines dance; a ritual dance of the Indian pueblos and Mexicano/Hispano communities.
Spring Arrives" features the 20 young women holding flowered boughs in an innocent and lovely ritual dance.
Instead of spending the afternoon on the sofa reading Jane Austen they leap around, clutching the wireless controllers in their hands, as if performing a particularly complicated Amazonian ritual dance.
The dance motif is reprised in three light boxes, BIG WIG (Zi KhR 1), BIG WIG (Zi KhR 2), and BIG WIG (Zi KhR 3) (all 2007), each of which contains several transparent, overlapping photographs showing the heads of black men, like stills marking the phases of a ritual dance.
Then the incantation--a chant, really--that expresses our gratitude and that also acts as a rhythm or percussion for the ritual dance.
In olden days, tribes kept village eiders around to remind them with which foot to begin the ritual dance.
Reenactment has roots in ritual dance, the masque, and other sacred theatrical machinery, both as a way of working through instinctual forces and of acting out what Jung calls the prima materia of emotions, conflicts, and dreams.
Arms flailing as if in some ritual dance, the 16-year-old outpowered the Under-17 field in the 400 metres at Alexander Stadium to win in 49.