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gradually decreasing in tempo

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The acceleration from 2.0 to 6.3 w/s is not steady, but a measured building of pace with intermittent ritardandos. Thus the pace jumps from 2.0 to 4.2 w/s, then to 4.7 w/s, and then drops off briefly before climbing to 5.0.
The projection of the durations is made in the proportion: one quarter note of the formula equa ls one minute of the "large form." The ritardandos, the fermatas, and the unmeasured parts of the "Spiral" section, however, cause the work to exceed the calculated duration by about ten minutes.
To my knowledge, Hummel is the only Viennese pedagogue of this period to discuss voluntary giving-way in pace; his reasons for such momentary ritardandos have to do, however, with his own highly complex compositional style.
Note that the second method takes account of interruptions to the pulse such as fermatas, accelerandos and ritardandos, while the first and third ordinarily do not.
Organic ritardandos are proportionate, accounting for subdivisions while gradually slowing.
These signs are vast and cover phrasing but also dynamics such as crescendo and diminuendo, descending glissandi, ritardandos, fermatas, accelerandos and much more.
The orchestra employs silken tones both overall and in the solo passages (for example the oboe in the fourth movement!); it builds the dynamics smoothly and sensitively, and all the rubatos, ritardandos and accelerandos are logical and delicate.
Most obviously, Ahlgrimm's harpsichord performances made far fewer registration changes (her instrument had hand stops rather than pedals to change registers) and displayed less reliance on the massive ritardandos and other anachronistic performance practices which were hallmarks of Landowska's style.
Accelerandos and ritardandos sound most convincing when they're in response to melodic shapes that would cause the same effect in the physical world.
Hairpins, articulations, accelerandos, and ritardandos are no more than graphic images.
All these performances by Musica Antiqua Koln under the direction of Reinhard Goebel are vigorous, with crisp articulation and a good sense of interplay in the more intricate textures; the romantic ritardandos at the end of some movements are nevertheless over-indulgent.
When the student is fully capable of imitating these rhythms, gradually add elements of fluctuating tempos such as accelerandos and ritardandos to illustrate how music does not have to be so rigid.
His pupil Friederike Streicher wrote in her diary that Chopin "required adherence to the strictest rhythm, hated all lingering and dragging, misplaced rubatos as well as exaggerated ritardandos." (10)
This renders subtleties of rubato and other tempo alterations, including ritardandos, accelerandos and fermatas, difficult to coordinate.
To give a few examples: the shift to triplet semibreves at bar 183 of the Credo sounds at first--thrillingly but misleadingly--like a more complex subdivision; there are shifts in tempo and ritardandos within Mass sections, some of which are inadvertent, others ill-considered.