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gradually decreasing in tempo

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At first sight, the tempo curve (figure 4a) betrays the three-part structure of the piece: the middle section (bars 13-21) is played more slowly than the two outer sections, and the endings of all three sections are clearly articulated with a strong ritardando (an extreme slowing down).
Las breves alusiones a un director austriaco y una japonesa, ambos de nombres desconocidos y cuyos pormenores se desconocen, tendrian que constituir un tipo de movimiento largo ritardando.
Such qualities as tension and relaxation, crescendo and diminuendo, accelerando and ritardando may be applied to emotions and interactions as well as to music.
Add to the eccentricity of the rubato, ritardando and ritenuto, a sometimes outrageous display of dynamics, occasionally enough to startle you out of your seat, and then an ornamentation that would do the Queen of Sheba proud, and you get a Four Seasons almost unrecognizable in parts.
Altman describe el intercambio de cartas como un dialogo ritardando, pero un intercambio de mensajes electronicos se convierte en un dialogo accelerando.
Undoubtedly the expression demands that one slows down or speeds up certain notes of a melody, but only in certain places where a languishing or agitated melody require a ritardando or a more animated tempo.
For simplicity, throughout this paper I will refer to both acceleration and deceleration as an accelerando, with ritardando being implied by a negative accelerando.
Schilling's discussion of `non-essential [willkurlich] ornaments' covers not only turns, mordents, et hoc genus omne -- departures, in short, from the written notes -- but also 'accelerando and ritardando, crescendo and decrescendo, mezza voce and portamento, legato and staccato etc.
The delicate use of harmonic color, coupled with a coy indication of poco ritardando at the close of phrases gives an improvisatory whimsy to the piece.
This stunning achievement, which may seem "mystically" rendered to some, is in fact mathematically built into tonality Not only is the dominant an overtone of the tonic, but the numerical ratio of their vibrating sounds is 3:2, which of course yields not only the basic duple and triple time of classical rhythm but of Western poetic meters, so that anticipations and suspensions of dissonances can be mirrored in the scored syncopations of the rhythm, the ritardando and accelerando of the performance.
ritardando at the beginning of the finale of the New World 'Symphony, he worked with it economically, be it in the Scherzo or the Eighth or in the rather objective Largo of the Ninth.
2) Occasional local variations in tempo, such as accelerando and ritardando, were not taken into account, since these cannot easily be quantified.
Both essentially divide the phrase into two four-bar parts, where the first part is played more or less with an accelerando (the worm moves to the right) and the second part with a ritardando, interrupted by a local speeding up in bar 6 (more pronounced in the Kempff performance).
Bashmet's occasional forays into orchestral direction here, sometimes heavy-handed, were always enthusiastic and loving; one excessive ritardando in the finale, however, was followed by a tempo pick-up where the soloists' ensemble almost came to grief.
23) From 1975 onward the general preface printed in each volume of the Neue Schubert-Ausgabe contains the following paragraph: `As a rule Schubert distinguishes clearly between the indications ritardando (becoming slower), decrescendo (becoming softer) and diminuendo (becoming slower and softer).