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gradually decreasing in tempo

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The main outcome measures were the changes in the pure-tone audiometric thresholds and DP-OAE results (signal-to-noise ratio, SNR) following RIT. Secondary outcome measures included the effect of preoperative TSH, Tg, and anti-Tg levels; RIT dose on the change in audiometric thresholds; and DP-OAE results.
Since OAE is not related to ion transport through the stria vascularis but associated with outer hair cell function, another explanation for the discrepancy between audiometric thresholds and DP-OAE results might involve damage to the ion transport system by RIT.
However, 6 patients did not show a significant response to therapy and 4 out of the 6 patients in the nonresponder group experienced allograft failure within 1 year since treatment with RIT. To investigate the risk factors associated with this lack of response to the RIT protocol, we compared the clinical parameters between the responder and nonresponder groups.
A larger randomized study, including treated subjects and untreated controls, may be required to prove the efficacy of RIT.
In response to the panel's findings, the board of trustees appointed another committee "to study the governance of classified and proprietary research at RIT." The board said the CIA-RIT relationship "developed without sufficient review," and that in future it will more closely monitor such relationships.
Gosnell took responsibility for what he termed "negligence," "shortcomings" and "derelictions" concerning the CIA presence at RIT.
Leigh Rubin, creator of "Rubes," will be the first cartoonist-in-residence at RIT. His work is published in more than 400 newspapers.
While Rubin is visiting, a pilot television show he co-created that explores creative jobs will be shown at RIT. "Drawing Inspiration" will have its East Coast premiere Nov.
I also look at it as an opportunity to learn from not only the students, but the faculty and staff at RIT."
"I give Debbie a lot of credit for the work I've done myself, the things the University has been able to accomplish," said Nabil Nasr, who leads both the Golisano Institute for Sustainability and the REMADE Institute, a national research initiative based at RIT. "She did magical things for the university over the years."
"Through this generous donation from Mark and Maureen Davitt, RIT can offer an education to an increasingly diverse body of graduate students," said Twyla Cummings, dean of graduate education at RIT. "Fewer scholarship opportunities exist for graduate students, so this gift will make a huge impact."